Cool new video - LA Visions -

26.11.2013 19:50

"L.A. Visions" (3:30) is now up on Vimeo. Be sure to watch in HD and through a good sound system or headphones. Dream fantasy visions inspired by life in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is known for many things including cinema and millions of cars so these ideas inspired me to feature a dancing "vampire" and LA's car culture, showing the incessant flow of traffic along with dancing at various points in the music, …props, costumes, friends, and well behaved friend's pets all wrapped up the fantasy visions.


I used Canon's T4i, SX 280, and GoPro Hero 3 cameras. It was shot at 1920 X 1080 30fps, edited on Final Cut Pro and rotoscoped with Studio Artist ( The music was composed and recorded on Digital Performer using a variety of software synths, then mixed, mastered, and transferred to the FCP timeline. Dancers perform to a temp track at 130 beats per minute and later dropped on the right beat on the FCP timeline after rotoscoping… (other videos, produced in a similar fashion, can be watched on


More about Alex Cima

I have had dual careers in education and music production. My electronic music ventures started in the 1970's with the LA synth group LEM, then as a solo recording artist releasing electronic music albums in Europe and the United States. My latest CD (2012) is "Black Widow", a production featuring electronic dance music tracks of various sorts/genres, all of which are highly cinematic and can be streamed on my website ( The 1979 album "Cosmic Connection" (Germany) was re-released last year on vinyl by Private Records Berlin. I worked as a freelance recording engineer and was also part of the music faculty at Fullerton College where I taught the music technology (electronic music, recording studio) and music business classes for 3 decades.