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Watch Merfolk - a brilliant, well written animation film about politics, the environment and mermaid culture.It is also a wonderfully sharp parody of our life. Merfolk is an officlial selection from the Once a Week Online Film Festival.  'Merfolk' follows a couple of mermaids who were forced to leave the ocean due to pollution.

'Merfolk' is an animated mock-umentary film set in an alternate reality where merpeople have been living among humans, on mainland Britain, for the last ten years. Forced to leave the polluted oceans, an elderly couple of merfolk refugees discuss the society they now live in, and how they have adapted to their new life.

Winner of Best Animation at Purbeck Film Festival 2012
Screened in competition at interfilm International Short Film Festival, Berlin.
Selected for the Skillset Showcase Event




A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie

This holds the Guinness World Records record for the World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film (see how it was made at

 IBM researchers used a scanning tunneling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules (two atoms stacked on top of each other), all in pursuit of making a movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times. A movie made with atoms. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

  "Aras Tale" -

Check out this CG animated short by Martin Lubich - "Aras Tale".

An entrancing story, outstanding production and wonderful music. It is all about dragons. It is worth 8 minutes of your time.  Martin, the video's creator says "This movie was created in my spare time over the course of 3 years. It was produced in the spirit of an Open Movie, which means that all production files will be made available."

For technical details about how he created this production, all about the software and how the music was made, check out his site at

If you like Rave - Electronica music, you are gonna love Cows - Cows - Cows

surreal bovine choreography. Its going to moooove ya

No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic.


  LightHouse - Check out this brilliantly done animation - Directed by Charlie Short - A grumpy lighthouse keeper tests and redefines his own limits of responsibility

 ProMotion Studios - Created using the free Blender software. 

Are you a train fan? Check out this cool animated film about trains from one of our Internet Video Magazine contributors - Avi Graiver. Hosted at The History Channel

Trains - Today, trains are faster and travel longer, higher and through more severe terrain and climates than ever before.

 MoonN - SlimGirlFat - "Lunar Deity is represented on this work as the Dryad connecting the entity with the nature. I should frame this work between both of their own simplistic and the complex of its composition but I rather leave you the final judgment. don't blame me ツ. Inspired by Enigma video clips (I'm a big fan of them) I've tried an approach to a SL Machinima to their kinda videos. This video is nothing more than a thought caught in no where place no where in time, some sort of a let it flow (with some few basic knowledge)."

Most of the special fx's are made on After effects and I want to mention that the glass breaking on the start it's a precomposed set already build on 3DS max and exported to AE, royalty free. The rest I just applied a bunch of coolest effects build by my own, from foam through cc cylinder (warp drive) and some 3D depth field with some motion blur. I hope you enjoy so much as I this new release.

Music by SlimGirlFat (aka Slim Warrior in-SL) -

Director and producer - spyVspy Aeon

  Gorillaz, the world’s leading animated band, release a brand new multi-level online game with their new single, 'Superfast Jellyfish'.

 Read the press release about the new game

Don't go on Spring Break until you finish your final project.

Internet Distractions
It's like "Night at the Museum" for A.D.D. students.

This is very well made. Have you ever been distracted by the net? There's just too much stuff


This is an awesome video project - animation - we don't really know how to classify it. It definitely needs watching though.

This is really cool and ultra hip. Beat Christmas. A very fun and beatnik Christmas animation with a hip, Beat Santa Feliz Navidad! A cool animated salute to drinking too much beer and booze during the holidays!


The Snowman

this is really great.


Aliens look for answers from a tight-lipped snowman but the secrets of our planet are safe with him!

This is really weird. A very cool, quite bizarre animation - CHOP CUP
Design and Direction :weareom: -
Lighting by David Lee -
Production by studioset -
Post Production by :weareom: -
Sound by Alin Flaidar -
Starring Vlad Grigorescu -

Check out the Making of Chop Cup

  Check out You, a new music video from Plum. Moody, emotional and psychedelic, it was created by by Jiamin Liu, a second year student at the Edinburgh College of Art. Plum says "My album Different Skin will be out next month on Benbecula Records, it is the first female release in a decade on the Scottish cult label."

If you liked "You", check out Plum's "Toys Music Video" a very cool and weird music animation

Santa Gets Kinky - Foxy Santa - This is a great and just slightly naughty Christmas animation made for the Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge. A story about Santa and one of his kinky love affairs....Created by Avi Graiver

This is incredible. Toy Soldiers - I have never seen such an intricate piece of high quality stop motion animation. Simply amazing!


This is the First Place Winner in the 2009 IKAN Short Film Contest.  I-KAN LOVE! by Jennifer Kehl and Doug Smith.  This stop frame animated piece is incredible. Lots of work!


If you like cats, you'll love this great animated video. Very funny and humorous. The Winner of the Renderyard Short Film festival 2008. An old woman looks for cat in her village, where can that darn kitty be? Meow....

video pic

Play Big Brother StateAre you paranoid? Do you think that governments are using the fear of terror and terrorist activities to intrude too much in our lives? Is Big Brother truly here now? This is a very interesting animated video...

Agree or disagree - it will make you think and maybe argue a bit...

Big Brother State -  Director: David Scharf
Producer: David Scharf
Writer: David Scharf
Narrator: Stephen Taylor

Honors - Semi-Finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards
also at

FUTURE PERFECT - I can't surf

FUTURE PERFECT  I can't surfThis is very cool, very electronic

This new video animation combines all of summertime blues, teenage angst and perky electronic pop in two and a half minutes.

It might make you want to be right there on the beach (or maybe not as the case may be).

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death. Director Joaquin Baldwin is an Annie Award nominee director and animator from Paraguay

Have your Jewish friends invited you over for Passover and you are not sure what to say or do?

How NOT to Attend a Passover Seder

Make sure you don’t commit any cultural faux pas with this light hearted Passover how to guide!

Stick man vs pc mouseHere is a great video for you computer and animation enthusiasts. Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the cool scary and destructive stuff you imagined and designed on your computer screen were actually real? Stick man vs pc mouse  

SethComedy From one of the greatest television creators of our time... comes a comedy too big for your T.V. Welcome to Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy!

Be sure to check back every week for new videos from the mind of Seth MacFarlane.

For more of the Cavalcade, visit


 Getting Out Starring (Peanut) Pete Nutt  

It's Pete's release day from the nick, he's collecting his personal belongings from the duty officer and dreams about what he awaits on the outside...

Experience the transformation of renowned cartoon character - ''Peanut Pete'' as 3D film and animation studio the-BOX bring to life the latest crazy adventure!


TriggerStreetTV - "Displacement" - A Short Film Spotlight:  In this  podcast, TriggerStreet TV  looks at the short film "Displacement" with a brief introduction from the filmmaker, Chris Perry.  It is a short computer-animated film about an individual tempted by change.  The film was one of twelve overall Nominees that went to the end of season judging phase of the TriggerStreet 2nd Film Festival Season. download to watch it : ep26-TrigTV.mp4

Are you into hard core sex? Want to get the stuffing knocked out of ya? Gnaw a little on the upholstery?  - This is a great, funny and not pornographic animated video of what happens when your furniture just gets a little too frisky.  "ROOF SEX" 1:10 - Written, directed and animated by PES. More great animations at PEZ. Check out Pee-Nut. This is BRILLIANT!!!

So what do you think is causing Global Warming? Check out this cool funny animation from the Friends of The Earth for info. One of the entries for their green film competition.  Polar Bears

Sexy Alien Cartoon BandThis is a brilliant piece of animation and music. Sexy Alien Cartoon Band = supposedly a parody of the overly sexual nature of most music videos,  it is extremely well done. Luv it....


Screaming_danceScreaming dance - we have no idea of what this is all about but it is quite weird and strange and just perfect for those who to dance to electronica on Halloween. I guess it may be art.....

 have you heard about Wall Animation?

This is amazing! Check out this incredible animation concept. These animated films are created on walls - not on an animation stand, on art paper or inside a computer.

Fantoche (2 times)


The AWN Media Center is a new, comprehensive online video portal
devoted exclusively to animation and showcasing the work of
independent filmmakers from all over the world . 

To see  these "freaky, fun, and frightening flicks," visit

An Imaginary Life. What happens to an imaginary friend when a kid grows up? Where do they go? How do they handle the trauma of being abandoned. Funny, cure and poignant. This well made animated film won first place at the Sony 2007 Tropfest.

Play A Town Called PanicCAKE - a very cool and well made animation from A Town Called Panic collection. An Indian, a cowboy, a horse that cooks and a very hungry bear. Have you ever created funny adventure stories with your toys? This is the next step - make a movie!

This is really cool - in a strange Second Life meets MTV way. Video Games - Lily Allen performs her trademark song "Smile" in Simlish in this music video made with The Sims 2.

  Secrets of Oscar-Winning Animation - If you love animation then you're in for a treat!

Olivier Cotte has gone behind-the-scenes of 13 of the greatest short animations ever made, interviewing the directors and close collaborators who made each one, to offer us a unique guide to classic techniques from the masters of their crafts. Packed with beautiful, instructive illustrations and previously unpublished material (including story-boards, photos and hand-drawn sketches) and interspersed with interviews - this is an exceptional source of inspiration and knowledge for animators, students and fans alike.

'Secrets of Oscar-winning Animation provides animators with a rare insight into the creative processes and production methodologies of Oscar winning film-makers. By bringing personal accounts of the film-makers and key production collaborators together in one volume, Olivier Cottee provides an invaluable testament to the creative diversity of animation excellence.'

Kowalski's Dream - Daniel Zdunczyk 6:31 GRAND PRIZE WINNER

Kowalski's Dream - Daniel Zdunczyk Video and Download, aardvar11 at Stage 6

This is incredible. This is the winning DivX Film Festival entry from Daniel Zdunczyk in the animation category using Virtual Magic Studio

If you like animation, you got to see this. By the way, you can download the file and get playback of advanced DivX features like interactive menu, subtitles and chapter points.

Android 207 by Paul Whittington - brilliant and touching - A stop-motion animation film about an android trapped inside of a large maze. The maze is vast and filled with many surprises. about 10 minutes. He is also offers a bunch of other great videos to see at the site. A TriggerStreet online short film festival finalist -

You got to see Doll Face (4:12)A machine with a doll face mimics images on television screen in search of a satisfactory visage. Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.

This is great - a brilliantly conceived and very funny animation - hosted at VMIX.  You have a bad case of humans. Not only will it make you giggle, it is a bit political and educational as well. Humans - you'd better watch out....

Are you ready to ponder what Earth's message to our outer space neighbors may be? Check out this extremely well made and thought provoking short animated video from Fox SearchLab - Terra

An innocent Martian girl is excited about the new “God” in the sky

This is cute and funny. Check out this short animated cartoon that documents a young girl's metamorphosis into womanhood.  Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe: Twinkle Tits

 Animator vs. Animation

Every artist struggles with his craft.  But rarely does it come to blows quite like this. Check out this hysterical work of animation featuring a stick figure who decides to fight 

This is a very interesting concept. Creating a short animated video to promote a book.

A brief excerpt from CONSIDER THE LOBSTER by David Foster Wallace from Little, Brown & Company. - Observations on the Human Condition served with a bib and drawn butter.

If you want to watch the Academy Award winning animated films online, you should check out Animation World Network

 Animation World Network (, the premiere animation-related publishing network on the Internet, celebrated its 10th annual Oscar Showcase, highlighting the Academy Award(R) nominees in the categories of Outstanding Animated Feature and Outstanding Animated Short Subject more

It is amazing what you can do with rubber bands and a lot of creativity- check out this great little animated short - Fatty and the Sandman by Jessica Hokanson

This is brilliant. "There She Is".  Can LOVE conquer all differences? Check out this funny little animated film that tells the story of unrequited love and how it can overcome all obstacles. Wonderful animation and totally awesome music that will stick in your head for hours. Make this one viral for Valentines Day.

Are you worried about Global Warming? Are you concerned that glaciers are melting, that polar bears may have nowhere to live and soon the ocean may rise a few feet higher? Bad stuff but for some, global warming may be a good thing. Canada might become the next Florida. Watch this cute and funny "Canadians for Global Warming" animated video

This is really interesting - a mash up of creativity, animation and game playing. It is sort of cool - a very different look on making animated movies. Check it out. Final Fantasy A+ - this is a top vote getter at Newgrounds

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Sunny & Gerd in Spring Cleaning

Things go from zero to “wha’-tha’?!” when Sunny finds himself in a tight spot and GERD has to rescue his little buddy. This animation is a proof of concept for a new series. This animation preview of a new series being released Spring 2017 features robo-besties, Sunny and GERD in their very first adventure as they use an interdimensional portal to clean up. What could go wrong?!