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02.04.2018 17:14

Sinclair's script for nearly 200 right leaning local TV stations

These right wing owned US TV networks - all instructed to read the same Trump style right wing bias message of 'Everyone is lying to you in the media except us'. If I was working at one of these stations, I would be looking for a new job.

13.05.2016 11:54

Funny Trump Video - Your Drunk Neighbor - Donald Trump

This is great. Take Donald Trump's rambling on stage, and then add some new visuals and you get one great hilarious video. You got to see this...

16.04.2016 10:54

Tennessee Anti Gay Commercial - Funny Internet Video

Tennessee is a beautiful place to be a bigot. Checkout this pretty and funny parody commercial. Watch out, the gays may be watching....

23.07.2015 14:13

Great new game for kids - White Cops & Unarmed Black Civilians Play Set

White Cops & Unarmed Black Civilians Play Set - The classic children’s pastime Cowboys and Indians takes a troubling modern turn. Created by Funny & Die. Make sure your kids are up to date on the latest political play set.

27.05.2015 14:11

Are we Labeling our Kids with Bogus 'Mental Disorders?

Whats wrong with our kids? Personality disorder, oppositional defiant disorder. bipolar disorder, well maybe nothing is wonog with the kids. Checkout this video.

09.04.2015 10:40

What if Home Shopping was Subject to Religious Freedom Laws

Indiana Home Shopping with James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp; Indiana's new religious freedom law makes for some pretty uncomfortable home shopping.

16.12.2014 10:49

Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled The World

"Being Kind" features footage from all over the world and heart-melting appearances by the children Nimo works with in the slums. Watch, listen, and prepare to smile big at this lyrical reminder that kindness really is "all we can leave behind. From KarmaTube

06.09.2014 14:59

What is the truth about Child Rug labor

Best of KarmaTube- Watch. Be Inspired. Act. Watch "Stand With Sanju: Unraveling the Truth About Child Rug Labor". Check out this documentary that exposes the truth about who really makes those beautiful rugs that come from Asia. And what can you do to help

08.08.2014 14:51

KarmaTube's Video of the Week

Casa de Paz (House of Peace) - a film by Michelle Moore 36th. Avenue in the Fruitvale district of East Oakland, California, is the turf of three major gangs. Yet the residents of Casa de Paz never lock their doors. Anchored by Pancho Ramos Stierle and Adelaja Simon, Casa de Paz is part of a group of several homes that form an intentional community of peace and nonviolence in an area rife with structural and physical violence. In order to serve their community, they live with the people - laugh with them, cry with them, and eat with them. They embody "giftivism" - practicing radical acts of generosity that changes the world, one heart, one home, one block at a time

28.06.2014 15:40

Freedom Inc.

KarmaTube video - Watch - Be Inspired. Act, Watch this short film - Freedom Inc.: Dropouts Being the Change

You Look and You Think - featured at Once a Week Online Film Festival

The first part of a trilogy of short films about women in cinema. The films are experimental and without narrative. They get into the archetypal images and positions that women are pushed into in cinema.

Starring: Elizabeth Knight and Viktoria Winge; Camera:Jack Taylor; Editor:Adam Jones; Colourist:Aubrey Woodiwiss

Writer/Director:Ben Woodiwiss

Generation We - The Movement Begins

Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story

This is brilliant. Have you ever felt like your student loans were killing you?

Well for Emily, her loans really are a matter of life or death. Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story from The Kids Table, Marvin Lemus, EmilyKrakowsky, Miles Gray, igorhiller, marleyrae, Schneider89, and Terra

Generation WE: The Movement Begins...

"We, the youth of the United States, believe our birthright has been betrayed," declares the Millennial Generation, the largest generation in American history, to date. They inherit a country in decline and a broken political system. Still, America's young people declares a manifesto of hope - to restore the American dream.

Killer Student Loans: A Horror Story from The Kids Table, Marvin Lemus, EmilyKrakowsky, Miles Gray, igorhiller, marleyrae, Schneider89, and Terra


There may only be one woman voting for Mitt Romney, but don't worry,
she's just like you. If you're crazy.

Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad

Watch this political video before it gets taken down.

According to Mitt Romney, it's not Wall Street you have to worry about, it's Sesame Street.

Dangeorus World - stop voter ID laws Dangerous World - Stop Voter Disenfranchisement

Are you as furious as we are about the efforts to roll back the clock and take away people’s right to vote? It has us mad, but sometimes satire and humor is the best way to reach people.  So take a look, have a laugh, and then use video to spread the word. 

Voter disenfranchisement is a very real issue that could affect more than 20 million voters this year. We have partnered with our friends at NAACP to create a video that will help people understand how absurd the claims of those who want to limit voting rights are. 
Take a look at “A Dangerous World” and pass it on to your friends to stop the limiting of citizens’ rights.

Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair

- the song and the music video

"Go ahead punk, take a seat"

Clint Eastwood talking to a chair song

Do you need a good Mitt Romney impersonator for your next party or get together? Check out my friend Jim - not only does he do a dead on impersonation - his material is really funny. (Assuming you are not an Obama supporter...).

So in the theme of giving the other side an occasional voice at Internet Video Magazine, check out Mitt. Ping us if you want to contact Jim...

im Bachelor as Mitt Romney

The Republican Party Platform: Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered how the Republican party and its delegates develop the platform that its candidates run on? Check out this highlights video culled from hours of activity at the recent 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa Florida.

This would be really funny if it wasn't so scary.

The grassroots of the Republican Party debate the big issues of the day.

Obama-Romney Rap Battle
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decide to settle things with an old fashioned rap battle.

Obama-Romney Rap Battle from James Davis, mattknudsen, Christopher Farah, Funny Or Die, BoTown Sound, and Kat Bardot

Todd Akin's Apology from Creed Bratton, Charles Ingram, Funny Or Die, Brian Lane, and Ally Hord Todd Akin's Apology
Republican Representative Todd Akin of Missouri finally apologizes to women for his comments on 'legitimate rape'.

This is very well done.

Republican Strip Club - RNC in Tampa

Will the Republicans be able to get down? What will they be getting up to?

Are there enough dollar bills to go around?

"Self" is an official selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival -

A journey of obsession and metamorphosis. An artist searches for his own self-image through portrait. 'Self' is the second film from [sic], a UK based arts collective.

The film was conceived, shot and edited in one month. With all participants dedicating time on evenings and weekends towards its completion. The film was shot using Canon DSLR cameras - for the steady motion shots, they used a 2.5m jib arm.

Wing It Parenthood with Connie Britton from Connie Britton, lauren, Funny Or Die, jennschatz, Emily Maya Mills, Drew Brooks, Melissa Szilagyi, Jean Villepique, Alex Richanbach, and BoTown Sound  Wing It Parenthood with Connie Britton
What happens if the Tea Party & Republicans take over and they get to remove funding for all the important social programs?

Check out Wing It Parenthood -  It's just like Planned Parenthood, but without the planning. They wing it....

Gay Rights versus Chickens?

Our old pal, Colonel Sanders is back with a message for Chick-Fil-A and chicken lovers that is totally honest and not at all panderous.

Fried Chicken for Gays....Watch KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman - hey, they are open on Sunday!

KFC loves gays - video with John GoodmanGays with John Goodman

"The Story of Change" - It's not easy to change a dysfunctional system that puts corporate profits above the health and happiness of people. It takes more than just "voting with our pocketbooks"; it takes political involvement. In her latest film, Annie Leonard gives us a simple formula for social transformation: CHANGE = a big idea + collective identity + action.

What is a viral video? Checkout "The Worlds of Viral Video" from PBS

"Viral Video" is the signature phenomenon of internet media. Something akin to pop songs, these videos with irresistible hooks have saturated video culture online and have now evolved into a multitude of sophisticated forms. Whether rooted in comedy, spectacle, schadenfreude, cuteness, politics, performance, or deep meaning, the idea of viral videos, and the huge audiences they generate, have forever changed the values and potential impact of video online.

How we can use video to help make this a peaceful world

"We Love You" -   One person can make a difference.

 A simple message of love in the midst of potential war goes viral, and makes a difference. This is a moving, inspiring call to action, one in which anyone can emulate with very little courage but with a lot of love. This is truly people to people communication

Food People Power

Watch Video Now


Food People Power

For many years, people living in West Oakland had accepted eating unhealthy food as a way of life. That is, until a small group of people decided to change their community through Mandela MarketPlace, a non-profit that partners with local residents and rural, minority farmers to bring fresh agricultural produce to their local corner stores.

Mandela MarketPlace now represents the difference that youth can make by challenging prevailing paradigms - you CAN select what you put in your body.

  • What Tomorrow Brings

    There has never been a school for girls in the village of Deh Subz, Afghanistan. Afghan-American Razia Jan set out to change that. In 2009, despite pressure to educate boys and threats to ruin the school, the Zabuli Education Center opened a school to educate 200 girls. Razia's hope is to make life a little easier, even for a few hours a day, for the girls who have to work so hard at such a young age. "Once you learn something, nobody can take that away from you."

    Watch Video Now

    This is brilliant! Have you ever how those outrageous conspiracy theories and stories about politicians that really have no basis in reality get spread around? Check it out

    The Mis-Informant: Part 1 with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

    Nathan Spewman is an undercover liar for hire who spreads misinformation on behalf of greedy billionaires. Starring Jack Black and America Ferrera, and introducing Caitlin Carmichael

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