04.07.2013 14:48

Watch Merfolk - a brilliant, well written animation film about politics, the environment and mermaid culture. It is also a wonderfully sharp parody of our life. Merfolk is an official selection from the Once a Week Online Film Festival.  'Merfolk' follows a couple of mermaids who were forced to leave the ocean due to pollution.

'Merfolk' is an animated mock-umentary film set in an alternate reality where merpeople have been living among humans, on mainland Britain, for the last ten years. Forced to leave the polluted oceans, an elderly couple of merfolk refugees discuss the society they now live in, and how they have adapted to their new life.

Winner of Best Animation at Purbeck Film Festival 2012
Screened in competition at interfilm International Short Film Festival, Berlin.
Selected for the Skillset Showcase Event