Funny Tech Video Show - "Unhinged" Comedy for Techies

04.10.2013 17:34

Sometimes, you just need a break from long days and nights spent coding, tackling design layout challenges, or solving the mysteries of the world. Sometimes, you just need to get Unhinged  !

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Don't miss Unhinged with Brian Fuller. It's a new WebTV show that covers the tech industry in a humorous new light. Brian guides you through a chat with tech icon Gary Smith, a smashing a laser jet printer teardown, and a peek inside the top 10 reasons ESL is here, sort of...

Unhinged was created to entertain and inform technologists about the world around us. We all take our day jobs and our missions really seriously, but sometimes we need to unwind and see our world from a different perspective; to laugh, gasp, shake our heads or consider what we have wrought as technologists--the good, the bad and the hilarious. Backed by a Cadence culture that is embracing creative, social ways to inform and educate, the Unhinged team invites you to join them on this wild adventure through the tech world. Oh, and tell your friends (you wouldn't want them to feel left out, would you?)

Sean O'Kane, Unhinged creator, executive producer/director, writer
Brian Fuller, Unhinged host, co-producer, writer