AcrossTheStreet.Org presents Ketchup Kitchen

By: Mark

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, right? Check out this new video from AcrossTheStreet.Org. Lear how to prepare one of Mark’s favorite breakfast meals, Pink Eggs. Kids love them!


Its funny and features one of your favorite performers.

Hello and welcome to AcrossTheSteet.Org, the online resource for your community – we don’t have people complaining about dog poo or the local karens.

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Today, we offer up another episode of Ketchup Kitchen, the online video show that explores all the ways you can use ketchup in your life.

 I’m Chef Mark and I hope you are hungry.

First I want to apologize for last week’s episode where we explored using ketchup as the basis for various cocktails. We replaced tomato juice with ketchup! I think I might have one too many Ketchup Bloody Marys.

WHAMMO that Vodka took its revenge. Ketchup Bloody Mary

However, today we are exploring breakfast – yes you can use ketchup with hash browns, with fried potatoes, fried egg sandwiches but today, we are looking at pink eggs.

PINK eggs! That’s right, cooking eggs with ketchup. My kids love it! Yum!

We start with scrambling a few eggs in a pan. You can mix them in a bowl using a bit of milk or you can do it Hobo style by just cracking the eggs into the hot pan. Stir the eggs a bit – and then, before the eggs start to get hard, dribble in some ketchup. Stir it a bit but not a lot – we want to preserve a few strings of cooked ketchup mixed with the scrambled eggs.

Yes, you could add some mushrooms, bacon or ham, some onions or even a cut up tomato. The secret to Pink Eggs is stirring in the ketchup before the scrambled eggs get hard. You see the cooked ketchup trail?

CU of Mark eating pink eggs

Yum, that’s good.  That’s reallllly good.

Next week, we are going to explore our secret receipt for Baked Beans – not only do we add bacon, onions and brown sugar we also use ketchup to give it a tasty kick!

Tune in next week on Ketchup Kitchen!