Are you creating short videos? Check out these 11 Video Editing Apps

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Want to create more reels, TikToks, and shorts? Looking for creative solutions to improve production and quality?

In this article, you’ll discover 11 video editing apps to produce short-form content for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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How to Build the Optimal Video Editing Toolset

Most major social media platforms have decent built-in video editors that can trim clips, add filters, and apply text overlays. In many cases, these tools are also essential for adding interactive stickers and platform-approved audio tracks. Yet using them exclusively can limit your creative range and slow your account growth.

When editing videos, it’s a good idea to add third-party apps to your workflow when you want to:

  • Explore new creative tools like effects and AI
  • Improve your account’s video performance trends
  • Stand out amidst a lot of similar content
  • Rely on a single app that can create videos for all platforms

So how can you choose the best video editing app for your team? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Capabilities: What should your ideal video editing app do? Have a huge range of effects? Offer practical tools like text-to-speech? Provide AI tools to speed up production? Know what you need from an app before choosing.
  • Collaboration: Need to work alongside team members or share content with clients? Look for an app that supports multiple users or allows easy sharing outside the app.
  • Operating system: Prefer to edit videos on desktop? Want to do all of your editing with a mobile app? Make sure the app you choose fits your workflow.
  • Cost: All tools in the list below have a free plan so you can use them at no cost. But some are very limited unless you subscribe to a paid plan. Make sure the app you choose either fits your budget or works well enough on a free plan.
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11 Video Editing Apps to Boost Your Creativity

Which apps should you have in your toolset? Let’s take a look at features, use cases, and costs of the best video editing apps.

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