Click Bait News – Watch out for Cows with Avian Flu

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Welcome to Click Bait News – April 1 – Cows are Getting Avian Flu – Videomasters Version

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I’m Mark Shapiro – Today, we are talking about the latest threat to our nation’s health
I am talking about Cows catching Avian Flu – from Birds

ClickBait News - April 1 - Avian Flu

Dairies throughout the US are worried – Are their cows sleepy and disinterested? Depressed and sad? Maybe they are sick with Avian Flu?

Veterinarians are warning that cows can get the flu from birds. They are not sure how it is transmitted or what kinds of birds are at fault

The symptoms can be severe – it starts with cows getting sick, then they building nests. Then laying eggs. And in severe cases the eggs actually hatch.

HOLD ON – we just got a live emergency update from the FDA. People in the United States are catching Avian flu as well.

If you find yourself or one of your loved ones searching for nesting materials – please get medical attention as soon as possible. It could affect you and your family in strange ways…

Wow, that’s scary – I am Mark Shapiro and I want to thank you for watching Click Bait News, the news that you cant resist.