Do You Want to Make Videos – Check out Intro to Video – Its Free

By: Mark

VideoMasters “Intro to Video” Program for Speakers and Leaders

This 2 Hour Event is Scheduled for Saturday, Nov 4 at 9am PT

San Diego based VideoMasters (a Toastmasters International Specialty Club) today announced their upcoming “Intro to Video” online workshop for speakers, communicators and leaders who want to improve their skills in using video to present their ideas, concepts and programs.

There is no cost to attend this short 2-hour program. It is open to everyone – you do not have to be a Toastmaster.

The program will cover the basics of creating and using video. Why is video a critical communication tool? How can you become comfortable with video? WHY are YOU making this video? What is the action step we want the viewers to undertake? What is the point?

How to capture video using smartphone, video camera or web cam. Basics of video capture – good lighting, composition and camera use. We will also cover the basics of audio and sound – how to get good clean audio and the optimal use of microphones.  Basic video editing – finding and inputting audio, video and graphics, fade in & out, effects, titles and multiple tracks

Finally, this VideoMasters program will cover how to distribute and share your videos so that people can see them – YouTube video channels, Vimeo, etc.

You can find out more about VideoMasters at  or visit us at our YouTube Video Channel –

Check out our “All about VideoMasters” video at

For more information and to sign up, please visit

About VideoMasters

VideoMasters mission is to help you master video to achieve your goals no matter what they are: Tell Stories, Inform, Educate, Promote, Explain, Entertain, Share life moments. The members consists of beginners with only a low cost Android phone on up to those who own their own video production and editing company who are there to help. Videomasters is educational, inspirational, and most important, FUN!