Basic Video Making

Get Started Making Video - How to shoot, edit and distribute yoiur videos

09.09.2013 17:30

Where to Watch Internet Video

The Top Ten Best Web Sites to Watch Internet Video

29.06.2013 16:37

Camcorder Accessories - What do you really need

Tripods, camera bags, extra batteries, filters and video recording medium

23.06.2013 14:40

Get A Tripod Please - Why Every Video Maker Needs to Use a Tripod

Video shot for the Internet will gain huge advantages when using a tripod. Smooth video without any jumping or shaking looks best.

18.06.2013 21:19

Top Ten Filmmaking Tips - Tips for Prosumer and Video Enthusiasts

How to make an internet video or film - ten great tips


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Articles About Family Video

17.04.2017 21:15

How to transfer and digitize your old VHS tapes

This CNET article shows you how to transfer and digitize your old VHS tapes. Do it now, before the tapes totally disintegrate. The DIY Method. You need a analog converter that converts your analog video/audio signal into a digital signal. There are lots of them and they are not expensive.

11.04.2017 18:09

How to Shoot Great Video - from Consumer Reports

How to Shoot Great Video - Digital cameras, action cams, and smartphones are very portable and let you capture high-quality footage in a variety of settings. Great overview article from Consumer Reports Magazine

11.04.2017 17:35

How to Get Connected in Cuba

Like many of you, I live on the web and need (well think I need) to be constantly connected with my tech clients throughout the world. How would I manage this while traveling in Cuba?

10.03.2016 13:33

 PadCaster - Perfect for Capturing Video using your Apple iPad

By using the Padcaster, you can connect a variety of accessories to your iPad and even lock it down onto a tripod or other types of camera support systems. You can attach a microphone or pole, wireless mike transceiver, lights, video monitor, etc.

11.03.2015 12:55

Check out the new Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam

The new Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam is a versatile, splash resistant camcorder designed to go wherever you do - whether on a mountain expedition or just for a walk in the park. The camera also includes a 33'-rated underwater housing, an adhesive mount, and one battery to get you started. Further extending its potential, there is a plethora of separately available mounts and accessories, enabling you to wear the camera or helmet mount it for POV action shots, attach it to a bike or vehicle, secure it in a static location, adhere it to a board or boat, or even see the world from the perspective of your pet.

26.01.2015 13:45

New Canon Connect Station stores files and connects devices

The new Canon Connect Station CS100i has the capability to connect to multiple compatible imaging devices allowing users to easily store, view and share images and videos. The Canon Connect Station CS100 device provides up to 1TB of storage for photos and videos allowing users to free up space on media cards quickly, without the use of a computer.

26.01.2015 10:51

What camcorder should you buy? Home and family use?

Forbes said you should buy the new Panasonic HC-750K. "It beats out any other camera in its price range: it captures video that has more detail, better color, and better sound than all the cameras we tested (or any camera up to twice its price). It produced the sharpest footage in bright light, plus it had the best stabilization and the least noise in low light. It also featured the best touchscreen controls of the bunch and, with a long 20x optical zoom

12.12.2014 21:24

Movavi Launches Easy to Use Video Editor for Macs

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is designed to be the most simple and easy-to-use tool for slideshow creation and basic editing. The popular multimedia software publisher has released its latest OS X video editor, designed for home users who want to perfect their slideshows and videos in just a few clicks. Fix brightness, contrast and white balance problems with a single click. Just $30 - free trial offer

12.11.2014 18:08

Ellen DeGeneres Launches EllenTube

Check out Ellentube - a new free website to upload, share and watch videos. I think cute is especially important here

11.11.2014 17:27

Is someone watching you over your video camera?

Are you being spied upon by your own video camera? Do you leave your laptop camera up and on? Is the feed from your IP video camera being viewed by strangers? Insecam has posted feeds from over 37,000 unprotected video cameras - including over 11,000 in the US

11.10.2014 12:24

Polaroid Cube Camera for Action Video

Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera is weatherproof, shockproof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine. Packed with fun including 1080p HD video, 124° wide angle lens, and built in battery that records up to 90 minutes.

15.09.2014 20:39

Ricoh Launches new WG-M1 Action Cam

WG-M1 features an ultra-wide-angle lens that enables you capture all kinds of underwater and outdoor activities in high-quality, true-to-life movies and pictures. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and photographers that want to take pictures anytime, anywhere, the RICOH WG-M1 performs brilliantly in challenging outdoor conditions. The camera is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, shock-resistant against a fall from a height of two meters, and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C.

11.09.2014 16:44

Be Smarter about Smartphone Video - The Basics

Be Smarter about Smartphone Video - The Basics - Sometimes you cannot find or budget for a professional videographer with real equipment. If you must shoot video with a smartphone, here are some basic tips:

09.09.2014 12:44

Capture action with Sony Action Cam and Video Monitor Watch

Sony's latest addition to the Action Cam lines takes many of the features from the flagship HDR-AS100V model and puts them in an even smaller body, just 1 x 1.4 x 2.9" in size. The most notable feature is the professional 50 Mbps XAVC S codec, which can be recorded at up to 60 fps. The camera is inherently splash resistant, and includes a 16' underwater housing for shallow submersion or using around waves. A bundled version is offered, the HDR-AZ1VR, which includes the RM-LVR2V Live View Remote Control Watch. The watch features a similar water resistance to the camera and is equipped with a built-in screen, plus controls, to operate the camera remotely

27.08.2014 14:52

Instagram Adds Time Lapse Video Capture with Image Stabilization

Now your Instagram IoS videos can look smoother and way more interesting by using Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel

25.08.2014 13:55

You can now edit your Vine Videos

According to the Vine blog, you can now use the Vine app to edit videos! In addition, you can now import exisiitng videos and convert them into Vines. All on your SmartPhone or tablet. Cool.

29.06.2014 15:16

Video tips - taking great photos with your SmartPhone

How to take great looking photos with your SmartPhone. Daniel Berman, Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards, along with award-winning photographers share tips on improving mobile photo-taking skills. Check out the video here.

11.06.2014 11:22

How to create homemade movies in one hour

"Movie-Making in One Hour: Tips for Trouble-Free Video Shooting and Editing", is a PDF-format book covering both the theory and practice of basic video capture and editing, as well as the process of creating homemade movies with the help of Movavi Video Suite software.

11.05.2014 19:02

How to plan and shoot a high quality video on a tight budget

You don't need a Hollywood budget to make effective business videos. In fact, a small budget can be a good thing - forcing you to get creative, learn quickly & find a way around setbacks.

04.03.2014 11:17

What happens when you put a Go-Pro video camera on a pelican’s beak?

There have been some insane advances in the technology behind video cameras in the past few years. Video cameras have caught onto the miniaturization trend, but as the size shrinks, the capabilities grow. This means lighter cameras that are able to shoot and store videos with high-quality images. From ECN Magazine