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11.04.2017 17:50

Vimeo 360: the new home for immersive storytelling

Vimeo 360 is here. Now you can upload 360 videos in stunning high quality, dig into 360 Video School lessons, find inspiration on our curated 360 channel, and oh so much more.

18.02.2015 21:14

The Art Direction Handbook for Film and Television

In this new and expanded edition of The Art Direction Handbook, author Michael Rizzo now covers art direction for television, in addition to updated coverage of film design. This comprehensive, professional manual details the set-up of the art department and the day-to-day job duties: scouting for locations, research, executing the design concept, supervising scenery construction, and surviving production.

04.02.2015 18:25

NewTek's Talkshow makes it simpler to add Skype video calls to broadcasts

TalkShow is the new studio-grade solution that enables broadcasters and video producers to allow any of the 300 million monthly connected Skype users, calling from almost any device, to be seamlessly integrated as guest speakers into any live production. initiating, receiving, monitoring, and managing video calls, with an additional unique set of live production tools such as call recording

03.02.2015 10:18

Learn how to use Green Screen for Video Production

The Green Screen Handbook, Second Edition is a comprehensive how-to manual that walks you through the many integral techniques required in pre-production, production, and post-production to use green screen effectively. Step-by-step instruction and time-saving tips cover matting and keying basics; lighting and digital camera essentials; setups using fabric, portable background panels, and paint; broadcast TV hardware switchers; professional HD and major motion picture compositing; multi-colored screen composites; directing storyboards and talent; working with virtual sets; motion tracking; and much more.

28.01.2015 13:08

Produce your own streaming TV show

You can easily create your own internet video streaming TV show. Promote your business, your video skills - show everyone what a wonderful artist or entertainer you really are.

28.01.2015 10:19

How to make really good videos to promote yourself

How do good videos engage the audience? Simple… Professionally scripted, beautifully shot, aesthetically pleasing performances designed to move and inspire audiences. You’re probably thinking, well I don’t have the budget to create anything that looks like broadcast television, but I do have an iPhone or a video camera, and a nephew who has iMovie, and I need video on my website. I’m here to tell you to resist the urge.

20.01.2015 12:19

How to make your film look like a Michael Bay movie

Michael Bay has something valuable to teach us about visual perception. This is an exploration of "Bayhem" — his style of camera movement, composition and editing that creates something overblown, dynamic and distinct.

01.01.2015 11:51

New Canon C100 Mark II Professional Camera Kits now available for Order

The Canon EOS C100 Mark II Cinema EOS Camera with EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens combines the compact 1080p EOS C100 Mark II camera with a versatile zoom lens that covers wide to telephoto focal lengths on the camera's Super 35mm-sized CMOS image sensor. The EOS C100 Mark II is an updated version of the C100 that incorporates Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology that enables continuous autofocusing with compatible Canon lenses. This provides faster and more accurate autofocusing to assist users when operating with small crews.

15.12.2014 20:46

How to Use After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite

After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite offers hands-on exercises that will teach you essential production skills, such as Modeling in CINEMA 4D Lite, Tracking 3D motion in After Effects and more

20.11.2014 20:44

JVC Rolls Out 3 new Affordable 4K Video camcorders

JVC Is Releasing Three New 4K Compact Handheld Camcorders That Make Ultra-High Definition 4K Economical for Cinematographers, Webcasters and Broadcasters, Corporate and Live Event Production Teams: the GY-LS300, GY-HM200 and GY-HM170

11.11.2014 12:17

How to properly record professional quality audio, narration and voice overs for your internet videos

Check out this video - How to prepare a recording booth and choose proper audio equipment. Once you know the ins and outs of recording and editing voice-overs, your narration will be solid and carry as much impact as the rest of your production.

29.10.2014 09:06

Top Ten Video and Film Production Tips

Countless books, schools, and even jobs claim to prepare aspiring filmmakers with the knowledge they need to see their movies through. And while many of those resources can prove immensely valuable, nearly all new filmmakers still fall victim to the same mistakes time and again.

28.10.2014 16:46

Inside Scoop on the new Canon XF205 Camcorder

Almost everything you need to know - product details, review, tutorial videos and a link to buy it. What more do you need?

25.10.2014 13:39

New Canon C100 Mark 11 Camcorder available for order

Canon announced the upcoming availability of their new pro camcorder for event videographers, documentarians, and independent filmmakers. Includes auto focus, dual SDHC and SDXC media card slots, HDMI output with time code, 2 XLR audio jacks, and built in 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi. Super 35mm 8.3MP CMOS Sensor

24.10.2014 16:56

Video needs light - review of Ikan 508 studio lights

Modern video lights - even though used in a studio and not carried around in the back of your car, or in a suitcase, are lighter, more reliable and do not put out the amount of heat generated by previous generation lights. Check out this short article about Ikan Studio Lights from B&H PhotoVideo

23.09.2014 15:33

Video Timecode versus Video - GenlockSync

Are you shooting multi-camera video? Editing together various cameras video of the same scene? Terms like “sync” and “timecode” are often used interchangeably, and the fact that timecode can be used to sync devices only compounds this confusion. Sync (genlock) is like a beat that calls out when a field (as well as a line with tri-level) occurs, while timecode indexes each frame (or the equivalent period of time for an audio recorder) so that it can be identified in uniquely post.

23.09.2014 15:22

Hyper++Drive wireless Camera Transmitter

Take a look at the new iUSBportCAMERA2 from Hyper++Drive, a compact device that adds or expands the Wi-Fi remote control functions of your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera. You can now control your DSLR camera and shoot video from a distance. Real time live view image and remote control of the camera's focus, shutter release, and other settings. With touchscreen smartphones and tablets, touch-to-focus control permits exacting placement of focus anywhere within the scene and manual focus with zoom and focus stacking functions are also available.

15.09.2014 12:20

Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 4K Super 35 Professional Camcorder

Spotlight on the new Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 4K Super 35 Professional Camcorder. Sony expects the FS7 to be available in mid-October, either as a body-only or packaged with the new E-Mount 28-135mm f/4 servo zoom lens.

26.08.2014 19:57

History of Camcorders - From Portapaks to HandyCams

Modern camcorders are tiny, compact and can be operated with a single hand. Even your phone can now record good quality video. However, just a few decades ago, portable video recording gear was large, clumsy and expensive. And the video wasn't all that good either!

21.08.2014 17:48

Six Basic Rules of Video Production

6 Stunningly Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Video Shoot - Ever feel like you're running around like a headless chicken on your video shoot? Well, it may be good exercise but good for the soul it ain't. Here's 6 simple ways you can de-stress your shoot and put those running shoes in the closet for good!