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17.06.2013 22:34

SONY INTRODUCES WORLD’S FIRST 35MM FULL-FRAME HANDYCAM® CAMCORDER Latest Interchangeable Lens Video Camera Allows Filmmakers Virtually Limitless Creative Expression

Sony Electronics unveiled the world’s first consumer 35mm full-frame interchangeable lens camcorder - the new NEX-VG900 Handycam® camcorder - for expressive, powerful imaging. Sony’s flagship model is joined by the NEX-VG30H which builds on the success of the NEX-VG20H model, sharing the same APS-C image sensor while adding several enhancements.

15.06.2013 22:01

Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Handycam

The Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Handycam is the first-ever large sensor video camera, merging the rich colors, enhanced light sensitivity, and shallow depth-of-field of video DSLRs with the shape, size, and functionality of a camcorder. That means no more rigging out your video-enabled DSLR with accessories that cost twice as much as the camera--and no more funneling your video through the tiny sensors and fixed lenses of camcorders past.

14.06.2013 18:50

PadCaster - Perfect for Capturing Video using your Apple iPad 2, 3 or 4

The Padcaster is a very clever device that makes it easier to capture high quality video and audio with your iPad. Holding an iPad straight out with your arms is a trying task - it is very difficult to keep the iPad at the right angle - it is even more difficult to keep it steady. A cool device like the PadCaster makes it much more convenient. Even better, by using the Padcaster, you can connect a variety of accessories to your iPad and even lock it down onto a tripod or other types of camera support systems.

14.06.2013 18:27

Sony Turnkey Field Acquisition Backpack

Sony Turnkey Field Acquisition Backpack provides everything you need in order to start shooting and capturing video - selected, pre-packaged and fitted inside a custom backpack. What more could you want? This is perfect for shooting internet video, video journalists, commercial and business video production

14.06.2013 18:24

Teradek Bolt: Wireless 1080/60p Transmitters and Receivers

The Teradek Bolt is a wireless transmitting system for HD video signals and its primary utility lies in configuring a convenient and efficient, on-set monitoring scheme, such as a video village. As many of you may know, the term “video village” derives from a common phenomenon on film sets, which is precipitated by a monitor’s ability to attract a sizable population of curious onlookers. This is where the Bolt comes in. Teradek’s Bolt can wirelessly transmit a 4:2:2, 1080/60p video signal up to 300 feet with no frame delay, which means that all of the noises and distractions inherent to a video village can be located a suitable distance from the action.

14.06.2013 18:13

Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body - Large sensor Camera Designed to Capture Video

The EOS C300 features an EF mount for compatibility not only with Canon's existing broad range of DSLR lenses, but also with the burgeoning line of EF Cinema Zoom and Prime lenses. These lenses are designed to match up perfectly with the 3-perf Super 35mm-size CMOS sensor that Canon developed for this camera. Like the camcorder, these lenses (sold separately) were developed specifically for digital cinema, with engraved markings on angled surfaces in meters and feet and uniform front diameters for easy lens switching without having to reconfigure a matte box or follow focus gearing.

14.06.2013 16:38

The Sony XDCAM PMW-200 HD422 Camcorder - What do pro shooters need to know?

The PMW-200 camera strikes a balance between the compact, lightweight form-factor of the PMW-100, and the image quality of its larger, shoulder mounted brethren. The key to PMW-200’s superior image quality are its three newly developed ½-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, a configuration which enhances resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.

08.06.2013 16:41

Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder

The Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder is the first handheld professional camcorder model to record the extremely high-quality AVC-Intra 100 Mb/s (10-bit 4:2:2) codec. Featuring an integrated 22x zoom lens and a 2.2 Mp 1/3"-type 3MOS imager, the versatile HPX250 records not only AVC-Intra but also several flavors of DVCPRO (including DVCPRO HD) as well as DV. A variety of frame rates are possible in DVCPRO modes, for native slow- and fast-motion effects.

08.06.2013 16:34

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera and Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon's new EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera is positioned between the extremely popular EOS 5D Mark II and Canon’s top-of-the-line professional EOS-1D X model, the EOS 5D Mark III delivers superb image quality, thanks to a new 22.3-megapixel full-frame Canon CMOS sensor, a high-performance DIGIC 5+ Imaging Processor, a 61-point High Density Reticular Autofocus (AF) System and six frames-per-second (fps) continuous shooting speed.

08.06.2013 16:07

Adobe LightRoom4 Review and Evaluation

Adobe Lightroom largely serves as the "organizer" to Photoshop’s "editor" when it comes to digital workflow. In addition to the many organizational, display and photo-sharing features found in previous versions of Lightroom, Lightroom 4 offers a number of organizational and nondestructive photo-tweaking tools of its own. Lightroom 4 gives you speed, efficiency and an easier workflow.

08.06.2013 15:45

All about the Panasonic AG-HMC80 3MOS AVCCAM HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder

The Panasonic AG-HMC80 3MOS AVCCAM HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder adds solid-state DV recording, XLR inputs, and an ENG form factor to the high-definition imaging capability of the popular AG-HMC40. At the same time, it maintains the smaller camera's bang-for-the-buck affordability by offering a laundry list of professional features unmatched in its class.

08.06.2013 15:39

JVC GY-HM750 ProHD Compact Shoulder Camcorder with Canon 14x Lens

The JVC GY-HM750U ProHD camcorder is a third-generation upgrade of a successful line of JVC portable camcorders. The new camera records to Class 6 and Class 10 SDHC memory cards and features dual hot-swappable recording simultaneously or individually for up to six hours of continuous HD video recording when using both of the camera's available card slots.

08.06.2013 15:33

Check out the Tascam DR-07 Digital Audio Recorder perfect for recording interviews, lectures, music practice sessions, and much more

Tascam DR-07 Portable Digital Audio Recorder The DR-07 from Tascam is an extremely compact digital audio recorder, ideal for recording interviews, lectures, music practice sessions, and much more. The pocket-sized unit can record high-quality WAV or MP3 files to readily-available SD or SDHC flash memory cards, allowing you to record hours of material and share it easily

08.06.2013 15:29

Need a Great Microphone for Pro Video Production or Audio Recording? Check out the new Equitek E100S Microphone from CAD

he Equitek E100S from CAD is a professional-quality large diaphragm condenser microphone. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, the mic has a 1" nickel plated capsule that provides a full, rich tone with an extended low frequency response

08.06.2013 15:16

Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX HD Camcorder

 Looking for a great pro camcorder to shoot HD video - for broadcast, for web and online video? Check out the new Sony PMW EX3 semi shoulder mount camcorder The PMW-EX3 compact camcorder with an interchangeable lens system incorporates three ½-inch type Exmor™ Full HD CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 1920 x 1080, delivering stunning-quality HD images in 1080P, 720P, and 1080i HD resolutions.