How will ObamaCare Affect You? Great Interactive Video

13.11.2014 14:10

Interactive Video Brings 'Obamacare' to Life for The Wall Street Journal, Gains Emmy Award and Gerald Loeb Nominations


Interactive "Prescribed" Video from Zentrick Leverages Personalization to Boost Viewing Time and Fuel High Levels of Engagement




NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 13, 2014) - Interactive-video innovator, Zentrick, worked with The Wall Street Journal to create an engaging, personalized tour of 'Obamacare' for its readers. Its effort, named "Prescribed", was nominated for a 2014 Emmy® Award in News and Documentary, and was also named a finalist in the 2014 Gerald Loeb Awards in the Images/Visuals Category.



To achieve the personalization, the central video storyline of "Prescribed" is augmented by Zentrick's interactive video layers that allow viewers to explore personal areas of interest, as well as access in-depth information on key topics and make sense of a complex issue. The interactive video was created to provide readers with tailored information on the most significant regulatory overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.

The goal was to increase the time visitors spent interacting with, inviting audiences to click through for additional in-depth and relevant content. Since the launch of "Prescribed," Zentrick has tracked several key success metrics* for the interactive video and found:

  • A marked increase in views of "Prescribed" during the initial one-month launch period. Additionally, the video continues to generate spikes in average views per day when new 'Obamacare' articles are published with links to the video
  • A dramatic increase in time spent viewing during the first three weeks, based on people clicking to view in-video graphs, image galleries, and related video stories 
  • An increase in viewers' engagement rate with the interactive content in the video, such as embedded charts and additional video content on supporting topics
  • Increased click-through rates to secondary and tertiary content residing beyond the video including other articles and videos

(*Note: the preceding data are derived from Zentrick's own tracking and numbers)

Starting with the central narrative that explains what the policy means for citizens, employers, as well as medical coverage, Zentrick added content that encouraged viewers to explore aspects of the healthcare reform that affected them, such as how medical treatment would change, who was insured under the new system, and estimates of associated costs.




Viewers could click on explanatory icons to access more information in formats including charts, image galleries, supplementary videos and related articles. Playback automatically paused to enable viewers to revert back to the video and continue watching where they left off. Alternatively, they could jump through the video to topics of personal interest using a chapter feature that bookmarked the different sections. An end-screen provided further related information and latest news to allow viewers to continue learning about 'Obamacare.'

"While publishers have made editorial content interactive for some time now, there is a huge, as-yet untapped opportunity to do the same with video. Zentrick is unlocking new creative options that fundamentally shift the audience dynamic from a 'lean-back' to a 'lean-forward' mode, and drive deep engagement," commented Zentrick CEO, Pieter Mees. "The Wall Street Journal 'Prescribed' campaign demonstrates the measurable value of interactive video for publishers, that can now boost viewing time and remix related content in original ways that inspire audiences to click through the content-discovery path."

About Zentrick 
Zentrick taps the native interactivity of the Web to make video smarter for brands, agencies and publishers. The company's self-service platform adds a lightweight and customizable interactivity layer over any video, distributed anywhere - across every mobile and desktop screen. We help major brands elicit consumer engagement using interactive elements that make video actionable via integrated clicks, commerce, personalization, gamification, and countless other response-driven options. Zentrick further resolves attribution and transparency hurdles, as every in-video action can be tracked and optimized against performance metrics. Founded in Belgium, Zentrick is based in New York with offices in Los Angeles and throughout Europe.