Ellen DeGeneres Launches EllenTube

12.11.2014 18:08

Ellentube - a new free website to upload, share and watch videos

Ellen says -

I love videos. I love watching videos that people send to me. I love posting videos from my show. I love it so much, I wanted to create a safe place where we could all share our videos together. We can laugh, we can go 'awww', and we can do what the internet was made for -- watch videos of cats. Share your videos with me here, and I'll share mine. It's just like when the pilgrims and the Native Americans came together on the first Thanksgiving, but with fewer brussels sprouts.

Enjoy ellentube! All I ask is that we keep it clean, and positive. I can't wait to see your videos.

You can watch interviews and performances from the show, hot new music videos, and new trending videos.

Once you sign up and register, you can upload your videos here!