Jackie Venson - Truth in Music Sessions

19.04.2014 15:48


Truth in Music Sessions:

Jackie Venson Releases Haunting Video Accompaniment for Folk Track "Wickersham Lane"

Singer-songwriter-pianist-guitar virtuoso celebrates the continued ascent of her "Truth In Music" series with the release of the mind-boggling video for her ominous yet insanely catchy folk inspired tune "Wickersham Lane." The video depicts the singer and her guitar in a strange plethora of locations and ends with Venson and companions dragging a female body and shovels. Between the mystery the video leaves the viewer with and the track's hooky chorus, the "replay" button will surely be used aggressively for this "Truth in Music" update. 

Jackie Venson lets her creativity shine though "Truth In Music”. Initiated in February 2013, the sessions feature Venson’s original R&B and soul compositions and guitar virtuosity as well as a few covers, including a stunning blues-soaked rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.” With each new video she posts and her views climbing towards 20,000, Venson gains fans in her native Austin and far beyond. Her upcoming album The Light in Me will be released June 29th

More about Jackie Venson & Truth in Music:
Daughter of Andrew Venson (veteran musician of the Austin music scene) and a Berklee College of Music graduate, Venson decided to take her music career to a new level by starting a YouTube channel featuring herself performing acoustic covers and her original songs.  
As the popularity of Venson’s online sessions grew, so did the production quality of her videos.  Now in her second season of Truth In Music, Venson shoots in with multiple cameras and has included a full band in the live recordings, featuring other artists such as Gilbert Ayala on drums, Alán Uribe on bass, and Steve Carlos Kirk on sax.
Previously on "Truth in Music" Season 2:
Episode III, "Jupiter," shows Jackie and collaborator, rapper KJ Hines, dressed as astronauts visiting a strangely Earth-like planet in her first hip hop track.
Episode II features Venson as a young woman who discovers her boyfriend has been unfaithful, set to her song, "Beauty of Your Love," which expertly blends blues, rock and R&B.
Episode I features a raw, stripped down performance of "Show Your Light." Produced by John Stinson, the song also includes Gilbert Ayala on drums, Alán Uribe on bass and Steve Carlos Kirk on sax