Kaltura Releases Native CorporateTube™ and CampusTube™ Mobile Apps for Internet Video

27.11.2013 10:14

Kaltura Releases Native CorporateTube™ and CampusTube™ Mobile Application

Kaltura’s market-leading social video portal technology now available via a full-featured mobile app, allowing users to browse, view, capture and upload live and on-demand videos on the go.

November 25, 2013

New York, NY

Kaltura, the leading open source video platform (www.kaltura.com), announced today that it has launched its Kaltura Native Mobile App, which is available now in the Apple Store and Google Play. Building on top of Kaltura’s pioneering HTML5 video player and optimal device delivery algorithms, organizations can now offer their users full access to their social video portal  on any device, including viewing all forms of video, uploading of user-generated content, and additional, powerful, native mobile features for end users.




“Kaltura continues to deploy mobile video apps for its various products. This time we’re launching a dedicated video app for our industry leading MediaSpace ‘out-of-the-box video portal’ technology, that is in use by leading organizations and many millions of people globally,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.  “A full-featured mobile app is a must-have extension to any organization’s video strategy – it allows users to stay connected on the go, while fostering even greater levels of engagement and interactivity.”   

Kaltura’s native mobile video app is the most advanced video application in the market. The app can be re-branded and skinned to fit customers’ specific look and feel. It can also be integrated with other third-party apps and mobile video experiences. Key features of the Kaltura native mobile app include:

  • Capture anywhere -upload video/audio/images into your video portal, with the ability to resume an incomplete upload and to choose between a Wi-Fi and 3G connection
  • Offline playback – allows users to download videos for watching offline on-the-go anytime
  • Mobile notifications – send users updates on live events, upcoming videos and more
  • Live broadcasting from users’ mobile devices
  • App Store presence and optional customized branding
  • DRM & content controls for maximum security of content distribution
  • All features complement the existing features in the Kaltura MediaSpace Technology

Kaltura offers this native app to educational institutions, enterprises and media companies.

Typical use cases for the Kaltura Native Mobile App include:

  • Media use cases - Reporters, students, and employees in the field can easily capture and upload videos for instant publishing and sharing (“Citizen Journalism”). 
  • Enterprise use cases - Employees can easily watch training videos, or recorded meetings and access business-critical videos anytime, anywhere, such as during their commute to work, instead of during office hours.
  • Education use cases - Students can broadcast live events on campus, record video assignments, and access digital material from the library while they are away or on the go.

About Kaltura

Kaltura provides the world’s first Open Source Online Video Platform, transforming the way people work, learn, and entertain using online video. The Kaltura platform engages hundreds of millions of viewers by providing media companies advanced video management, publishing, and monetization tools that increase their reach and monetization and simplify their video operations. Kaltura improves productivity and interaction among millions of employees by providing enterprises powerful online video tools for boosting internal knowledge sharing, training, and collaboration, and for more effective marketing. Kaltura offers next generation learning for millions of students and teachers by providing educational institutions disruptive online video solutions for improved teaching, learning, and increased engagement across campuses and beyond.  Kaltura was recently recognized in Forbes as ‘one of the six fastest growing tech companies’, in VentureBeat as a ‘Next Billion Dollar Enterprise Tech Company’, in Business-Insider as ‘one of top 5 startups revolutionizing education’ and ‘one of 5 greatest open-source technologies for 2012’, and in Mashable as ‘one of top 5 social enterprise technologies for business’. For more information: www.kaltura.com, to join Kaltura’s community visit: www.kaltura.org and www.html5video.org.