Top Viewed YouTube Channels

21.11.2014 13:17

Top Viewed YouTube Channels - This is what everyone is watching - according to TubeFilter

Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide This Week

Selena Gomez had a great week  on YouTube

Chart Toppers

After a one-week hiatus in second place, everyone's favorite YouTube channel featuring videos of adults playing with children's toys is back in the #1 spot on the charts. DisneyCollectorBR unboxed and played its way to nearly 92.1 million views in the last seven days. That means PewDiePie has once again been relegated to #2. Felix Kjellberg's prolific online video catalog of Let's Play videos scored more than 80.3 million views on the week.

The Ellen Show jumped up a spot to third place. The YouTube home of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous syndicated daytime talk show netted nearly 60.4 million views during the week. Next up is Taylor Swift in a very close fourth place. The pop star with a new album witnessed a 69% uptick in views to end the week with more than 59.2 million of them.

And rounding out the Top 5 for the third week in a row is LittleBabyBum. The UK-based channel that has nearly all the favorite songs of any English-speaking toddler in the world racked up more than 53.2 million views during the week.

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