Son Lux. “Lanterns Lit” is ethereal yet heavy

30.07.2014 13:33

Son Lux makes music that is bewitching. Elements of electronica and classical music are gently folded together beneath a beautiful cracking voice. The project comes from Ryan Lott, who has had a range of musical careers. He’s a performer, writer, producer, and scorer. Lott recently released an album as Sisyphus, his project with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti. Later this year, acclaimed chamber ensemble yMusic is releasing their Son Lux-produced LP. And, come September, Son Lux’s work as a scorer will be shown with the release of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.


Today, Noisey is premiering the new music video from Son Lux. “Lanterns Lit” is ethereal yet heavy, a practice in uniting seemingly disparate elements. Beautifully shot by Sam McLoughlin, it’s a curated collection of powerful scenes. The opening is heralded by a full chorus that disappears with a hit of bass, paired with perfectly symmetrical shots of children in the wilderness. The choir is replaced by a crooned melody, both soaring and broken. “I’ll keep my lanterns lit” is repeated, quietly. All eyes are focused on the violet sky as a rocket ricochets into space. This is something absolutely worth watching again, and then again, and then again.

Written by: Aliza Abarbanel