08.03.2017 19:39

Everyday Humans - Deseoutshy ElHaddad

This week we're announcing the winner of Best Edit!

Our Best Edit Award was a tough one to give out, it's pretty hard to make one location engaging and that's exactly what Muhammed Ibrahim did with his creative approach to his edit.

Click here to check out the short film and meet Deseoutshy ElHadid - Medical Rep, longboarder, and escape artist.

Deseoutshy lives amongst the hustle and bustle of Egypt's Alexandria. A trained veterinarian, he makes his coin as a medical rep, all the while day dreaming about escaping to the desert roads with his longboard. He also operates under the strong belief that comfort zones exist to be left behind.

Director + Editor: Muhammed Ibrahim
Talent: Deseoutshy ElHaddad
Music: Bradford Nyght

For taking out Best Edit, Muhammed won himself a Syrp Genie Tracking Kit!