You Can Raise Money by LiveStreaming

06.11.2018 19:41

Help your Charity Via Livestreaming - Internet Video News



From Forbes - With my close cropped grey hair and button-down shirt, I stuck out like a sore thumb among the teens and twenty-somethings, robots and winged warrior-costumed attendees at the recent

TwitchCon, the sold-out convention dedicated to the culture of video game streaming. 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospitals is one of a growing number of nonprofits that are raising money through livestreaming.P2P PROFESSIONAL FORUM

It’s estimated that 150 million-plus people use Twitch each month to watch people live online as they play video games and do many other things like cooking, traveling, singing and dancing.



Undaunted by my ineptitude at video gaming (and backed up by my 16-year-old nephew who served as a gaming jargon interpreter), I joined the tens of thousands of fans who swarmed San Jose’s convention center to watch esports competitions, hear panel discussions like “Integrating Speedrunning Content as a Variety Streamer” and meet personalities like DrLupoand Ninja.

My goal was to learn about “Streaming for Good: Why Charity Events are Awesome!,” as the first breakout session I attended was titled.

The title may sound like hyperbole fueled by drinking too much Red Bull, but in only a few short years streaming video events have raised tens of millions of dollars for charities. And this is only expected to grow with the continued expansion in the streaming universe. Twitch’s audience is forecast to increase over 50% in the next year.

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