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20.11.2013 13:40

Online Video Contests Weekly Update
AD Eyeglass World
Video Assignment

Earn up to $10,000! Create a :30 second spot that is stylish, fun and upbeat to showcase Eyeglass World as the premier place to go to get the glasses you need to showcase every side of YOU! 
Due December 11th

This Week's New Contests
Video Parrot Video Contest
Make a video with the potential to go viral. 
Due 12/18/13 | Cash: $500
Charlie Villanueva Anti-Bullying: Speak Up Contest
How do you advocate against bullying?
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft 'Power BI' Demo Contest
Think you are a Power BI Pro?
Due 01/15/14 | Trip: Trip to the PASS Business Analytics Conference + more!
Academy Awards 'Team Oscar' Video Competition
How will you contribute to the future of movies?
Due 01/05/14 | Trip: Trip to LA to participate in the 2014 Academy Awards
Hudson Taylor 'Beautiful Mistake' Video Contest
Compete for 2013's Hurtwood Prize for Young Filmmakers. 
Due 12/06/13 | Prize: Your music video featured on VEVO
Liquid Ice Energy 'Crazy 4 PS4' Video Contest
What is the craziest thing you would do for a Liquid Ice PlayStation4?
Due 12/24/13 | Prize: A PS4 + a case of Liquid Ice
'I Am Ron Burgundy' Video Contest
Do you have the syrupy voice of the world's greatest newsman?
Due 11/30/13 | Trip: Trip to NYC for the Anchorman 2 premiere
'Words of Wisdom' Vimeo Weekend Challenge
Got some good life advice to share?
Due 11/19/13 | Prize: Vimeo Plus account + trophy
Almost Human Fan Promo Contest
Create your version of the official Almost Human Promo.
Due 11/26/13 | Prize: Your video featured in the official fan compilation trailer
Eyeglass World Video Assignment
Make a stylish spot for Eyeglass World.
Due 12/11/13 | Cash: $10,000
'Duracell Batteries' Video Contest
Use humor to highlight the superiority of Duracell batteries.
Due 12/18/13 | Cash: $6,700
'Never Without My ProChaps' Video Contest
Which unusual places do you wear your ProChaps?
Due 12/23/13 | Prize: ProChaps ATHLETIC
Zenni Optical Video Contest
Create a video about Zenni Optical.
Due 12/22/13 | Cash: $20,000
AIDES 'Female Condom' Video Contest
Make people change their mind about the female condom.
Due 01/08/14 | Cash: $6,700
Vids 4 Kids 'Our Most Precious Resource' Contest
Make a video about conserving water.
Due 12/15/13 | Prize: $2500 to you, $2500 to your school 'Original Song Performance' Video Contest
Multi-platinum producer Drew Lane is looking for the total package.
Due 12/02/13 | Cash: $500







Stuff that's almost due! Hurry Up!
iHistory WW2 Video Contest
Due 11/20/13 | Prize: Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k + more!
Sri Lanka 2013: Pampers Video Contest
Due 11/20/13 | Cash: $4,000
Instaprints TV Commercial Video Project
Due 11/20/13 | Cash: $17,500
The Who Music Video Project
Due 11/20/13 | Cash: $7,500
'GoPro Footage' Video Contest
Due 11/20/13 | Cash: $250
Crayola 'Create 2 Destroy' Video Contest
Due 11/20/13 | Cash: $1,000
2013 International Movie Trailer Festival
Due 11/21/13 | Cash: $3,000
Orgullosa 'Do You Feel Orgullosa?' Video Project
Due 11/21/13 | Cash: $19,000
AFAC 'Why Culture?' Video Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Cash: $1,000
Marmot 'What Gives You Life?' Video Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Trip: Trip for 2 to Jackson Hole, WY
I Drive Safely 'Watch Out Loud' Video Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: GoPro Camera for you, $2500 for your school
'What the #%&@ are You Doing with Auria' Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: $7000 sound gear package
'Micro-Short Creature Flick' Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: A one-of-a-kind sculpture
Virgin America 'Safety Dance Battle' Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: Round trip tickets on Virgin America + more!
Hudson Taylor 'Called On' Music Video Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: Your music video featured on VEVO
Gen TX 'Take the Challenge' Video Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: $1,500 scholarship
Charlie Villanueva Anti-Bullying: Speak Up Contest
Due 11/22/13 | Prize: Sony PlayStation 4
2014 Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' Video Contest
Due 11/24/13 | Cash: $1,000,000
'Thanksgiving Vlog' Film Fight
Due 11/24/13 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights!
Sierra Trading Post Fall Adventure Video Contest
Due 11/24/13 | Prize: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition + $100 Sierra Trading Post eGift card
Pantene 'Hair So Healthy, You Shine' Video Project
Due 11/25/13 | Cash: $21,000
Sears Appliances Video Project
Due 11/25/13 | Cash: $21,500
Eric Whitacre 'Enjoy the Silence' Video Contest
Due 11/25/13 | Cash: $4,000
'Insulting Words' Vocab GIF Contest
Due 11/25/13 | Cash: $200
'What's Tobacco Costing You?' Video Contest
Due 11/25/13 | Cash: $500
The Leisure Society Fan Music Video Contest
Due 11/25/13 | Prize: Exposure for your vid + tickets to a show
Tetra Pak 'Carton Smart' Video Project
Due 11/26/13 | Cash: $19,000
Almost Human Fan Promo Contest
Due 11/26/13 | Prize: Your video featured in the official fan compilation trailer
Sick Individuals & Axwell 'I Am' Video Contest
Due 11/27/13 | Cash: $5,000
Quaker 'Make Your Move' Video Contest
Due 11/27/13 | Prize: $15,000 grant for your school
'Hair Color Transformation' Video Contest
Due 11/28/13 | Cash: $13,500
Sonny's 'Win A Free Piano' Fall 2013 Video Contest
Due 11/28/13 | Prize: Steinway Model M Grand Piano
PADI Underwater Video Contest
Due 11/28/13 | Prize: A TUSA BCJ-1800C Voyager
Chevrolet: Oscars Commercial Program
Due 11/29/13 | Cash: $20,000
'System Mechanic Saved My Computer' Video Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Prize: Alienware 14 notebook + more!
2013 Scotties 'Trees Rock' Video Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Prize: $10,000 for your elementary school
'It's Chemistry, Eh?!' YouTube Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Cash: $750
FujiFilm 'Me and My FujiFilm Camera' Video Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Prize: $1500 in FujiFilm products
Yosemite Experience Fan Video Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Prize: Sony HD Camcorder + Yosemite vacation prize pack
Higher One 'Money on My Mind' 2013 Video Contest
Due 11/29/13 | Cash: $2,000
Samsung K-12 Superhero Winter 2013 Competition
Due 11/30/13 | Prize: SAMCAM 760 for your school + $500 for you
Companies With A Mission 'Super Service' Challenge
Due 11/30/13 | Prize: Win money for a local nonprofit
2013 'Stand Up for Science!' Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $5,000
ABA 2013-14 'Lights, Camera, Save!' Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $5,000
Num Num November 2013 Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $150
2013 Financial Literacy Month Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Prize: 13" MacBook Pro
Poptent 'Reel of the Month Nov 2013' Assignment
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $250
Mind the Gap 'Hero' Music Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $2,000
ThinNow 'I Am Worth It' Video Contest
Due 11/30/13 | Cash: $500