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09.10.2014 16:45

CoinGuard is a new Internet of Things solution for personal home security. Instead of trying to detect home intrusions like traditional security systems, CoinGuard is a small coin-sized wireless device. Sensitive to movement and vibration, it is simply placed on or with the valuables that it protects. If disturbed, it transmits a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone or other web connected device for immediate action. It is simple and easy to install.

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The CoinGuard wireless sensor is battery powered which enables users to put CoinGuard sensors anywhere in their home. Users can slip them into jewelry boxes, camera bags, and secret drawers – anywhere they want to keep secure. They can attach a CoinGuard sensor to a flat screen TV, gaming console, gun safe door, or medicine cabinet door. With a range of up to 100 meters from the gateway and able to penetrate furniture, floors and walls, the CoinGuard system can cover an entire home. Each CoinGuard system can consist of up to 256 wireless sensors located throughout a large home and will even work outdoors, securing yards, patios, garages and sheds.



“CoinGuard’s ease-of-use and reliability has been at the forefront of our development process because the most effective security product is the one that is easy to set up and is always in use,” stated Christopher Thomas, vice president at Pilot Labs. “With robust wireless connectivity and battery power, CoinGuard is simply placed on or near an item that needs protection and it is secured.”

“We are thrilled to launch our CoinGuard campaign on Kickstarter. As a company that is focused on delivering connected-home products that that are effective and easy to use, crowdfunding gives us the unique opportunity to interact directly with backers and get real feedback,” said Jun Ye, CEO of Pilot Labs. “We want to harness this feedback to deliver world-class products that anyone can use.”

Pilot Labs’ Kickstarter campaign will run for thirty days and delivery of production units is expected to happen in December of 2014. KickStarter backers get a special discount offer on the first shipments of CoinGuard. The CoinGuard campaign can be found at:

About Pilot Laboratories, Inc.
Pilot Labs is a privately-funded technology provider of connected-home products for intelligent security and home automation throughout the world. The company offers complete end-products for retail sale as well as modules that are used by leading manufacturers to make ordinary household devices smarter. Founded in 2011, Pilot Labs leverages existing wired and wireless standards along with proprietary systems knowledge to produce highly-reliable, cost-effective, connected-anywhere solutions.