Four mobile video apps make it easy to edit and share short videos

17.11.2013 14:30

Popular in 2013 are video apps

© Vine
Vine (pictured below for Android) allows users to capture and edit videos of less than six seconds.
THIS year was characterised by a boom in mobile apps for editing and sharing short videos. 
Today, major online video platforms YouTube and DailyMotion, in addition to newcomers Vine and Instagram (previously specialised in photos), all offer easy-to-use tools for editing videos and uploading them to the web.
Launched in January 2013, initially for iOS and later for Android, Vine allows users to take and share short video sequences of less than six seconds. Vine is owned by Twitter, and its success prompted the major players in the online video sector to present their own competing solutions.
Vine is available on the App Store (iOS) and from Google Play (Android).
When it was introduced in 2010, Instagram revolutionised online photo sharing practices, in part through its extensive offering of innovative photo filters. 
Purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram added a video service in June 2013. The app now allows users to take, edit and share videos of up to 15 seconds. 
Unlike Vine, Instagram offers the possibility of adding filters to videos to give a distinct visual style to any clip.
Instagram is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
YouTube Capture
Naturally, the leading name in online video was bound to produce its own app for editing and sharing footage. 
Dubbed Capture, the YouTube app allows users to film, edit and share videos easily. 
Amateur filmmakers can take advantage of automatic color correction, video stabilisation and the ability to insert background music, among other video enhancements. The resulting videos can then be uploaded simultaneously to YouTube and Google+.
YouTube Capture is available on the App Store (iOS).
Dailymotion Caméra
Like the other apps in this selection, Dailymotion Caméra, from the French video platform, allows users to film video sequences and edit them just before uploading them to the web. 
Amateur video editors can shorten sequences, adjust the level of brightness and contrast, and apply original filters to their films, which can then be uploaded to Dailymotion in HD, 16/9 or square format.
Dailymotion Caméra is available on the App Store (iOS).

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