Make a million dollars making your web videos - Fiction Riot Curated Submission Platform

30.03.2019 17:04


Fiction Riot, a pioneer in the production and streaming of user-engaged video through its platform, Ficto, today announced the launch of its Curated Submission Platform (CSP) to encourage filmmakers around the world to submit their premium video content for a chance to be added to its library of fast fiction series. Through the CSP, Fiction Riot is vastly expanding its content pipeline and attracting high quality series to keep up with users’ insatiable appetite for high-production value, engaging and addictive content. In tandem, the company is promoting its “Million for Million” initiative, offering $1 million US dollars to the first content creator whose episode garners 1 million unique views. Moreover, with Ficto’s industry-first streaming revenue-share model assured by blockchain-based smart contracts, all creators - even those who don’t receive a million views - will still be paid meaningful, ongoing royalties based on viewership.

With its CSP, Fiction Riot is gathering premium content from artists all over the world. Through a decentralized staff and automated process, Fiction Riot has begun curating hundreds of films, television shows and shorts into new Ficto series. If an artist’s content is accepted, Fiction Riot provides software for the artist to reformat for mobile in order to be in line with Fiction Riot’s serialized Fast Fiction. Each episode will run approximately 8-12 minutes in length with an average of 3-5 episodes per series, and include a highly engaged mobile user experience by incorporating such features as vertical video, 360 viewing, AR, chat, instant surveys and live streaming. Once formatted, the serialized content is published and eligible for recurring, verifiable revenue share at Ficto’s launch.

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