Make Money Editing a Sizzle Video for LEGO

23.01.2021 01:09

Tongal is looking for an editor with a keen sense of storytelling and pacing to help Tongal create a behind-the-scenes sizzle video that celebrates the various ways the Tongal community was leveraged to bring to life an animated short video for The LEGO Group. This sizzle video will help support a larger public relations push around the release of the animated video. 

While we can't provide a ton of specific details right now, we can tell you the animated video is fast-paced, action-packed, exciting, and really energetic, with a lot of drama. You'll really enjoy it, and the unique process that went into creating it. We will be providing the greenlit editor with the materials to create the video, along with a script outline with key messaging. Experience with motion graphics and kinetic text will be important to help reinforce key points with on-screen text. 

Show us your best past work editing sizzle reels or behind-the-scenes videos to give us a sense of your storytelling skills. There are several different messaging beats we'll want to cover, so we'd love to get a sense of how you go about structuring a video to explain many ideas in a clear and organized way.


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