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07.11.2018 20:10

Hardly Working / Katie Goes Viral

Hardly Working / Katie Goes Viral - Are you waiting to get famous by posting videos to the web? Katie's meme went viral. And now that she's in high demand from all the hollywood big wigs, she doesn't have to talk to, acknowledge, even SHARE A ROOM with these LOSERS

02.04.2018 17:39

Virgin Australia Spin Class - in the sky exercise video commercial

Introducing Virgin Australia Spin Class, the world’s first in-flight cycling studio. We've partnered with Virgin Active to help our guests work up a sweat in the sky on long haul flights, and even earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for every kilometre they cycle, and enjoy exclusive change room and shower facilities to refresh before returning to their seat. Gear up to try Spin Class for yourself! Ok, yes, this is a april fools joke!

17.04.2017 21:06

Funny Cat - Kitty Litter Commercial -

This is great. Who knew an automated kitty poop machine could be funny. Catspiracy: The ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine

11.03.2017 03:01

Check out this funny video - Get Out (Of the White House)

Meeting the parents can get pretty daunting when you're dating Ivanka Trump. Jordan Peele's Horror film "Get Out" meets the only thing that could make meeting the parents even scarier, President Donald Trump.

27.01.2017 19:45

The Netherlands welcomes Trump using his own words

“We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got all the best words.” Dutch TV is warmly welcoming President Donald Trump into the White House. Sort of. To that end, it’s created a spoof English-language tourism ad that promotes its nation (it has “the best tax evasion system God ever created,” by the way) using Trump’s own speaking style.

20.05.2016 15:48

Who are you gonna call ? Great funny internet video about bad infestations

Who are you gonna call ? Great funny internet video about bad infestations. What are you going to do when you have a houseful of unwelcome pests? From Nocturnal Emissions

13.05.2016 11:54

Funny Trump Video - Your Drunk Neighbor - Donald Trump

This is great. Take Donald Trump's rambling on stage, and then add some new visuals and you get one great hilarious video. You got to see this...

16.04.2016 10:54

Tennessee Anti Gay Commercial - Funny Internet Video

Tennessee is a beautiful place to be a bigot. Checkout this pretty and funny parody commercial. Watch out, the gays may be watching....

04.01.2016 21:42

Weird wildlife in the gym - sexy gals and husky dudes

The Gym. Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness. Today we will take a look into this strange place and show you the gym like you've never seen it before. This is very well produced and is hilarious. Watch out for the newbies with new year's resolutions

27.11.2015 11:41

Fake Venmo - How to screw your friends

The best thing about digital wallets - well, there is no real cash. Check out this great little video at College Humor - Fake Venmo wtll save you money

More Funny Videos

Over the last 15 years or so, there have been hundreds of classic internet videos. Check out this list of the The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos from Urlesque. They successfuly discovered most of the good ones!


Watch Post-It - This week's Once a Week Film Festival Selection  -'Post-It' is a great liltte funny interent video about a man who forms a relationship with a Post-It note.


Napoleon Wynomite

Napoleon Wynomite has teamed with his brother Kip to open a winery. Just how do they plan to market their Super Paso blend?! Submitted by Joel Peterson. (2min:55sec)

This is one of the 9 Finalists in the 2012 Wine Spectator video contest. Watch all of them


"Shit Girlfriends Say" - Guys, you will love this. Shit your annoying girlfriend says.

Starring @KelseyDarragh - Director/DP/Editor @Addison_Neville
AD @GlimpseOfDreams - Producer @LaceyKeaneNY
Lighting/Sound @TwoCentsAgain

Even better is all the related videos that have been posted at YouTube - all based on the original ShitGirlsSay by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard

Also - Shit Guys Don't Say Out Loud


You don't need a big production crew - or sometimes any crew at all to make a short and entertaining video.

Check out this hilarious karate Instruction video from Terry Dwight Coleman - Colorado Karate Master.


F$@k a Therapist - this is funny, especially if you have problems in your head.

Meetinghouse Productions, the folks who produce “World’s Dumbest,” a hit show on truTV.   The video is not only really funny but it has a great back story, and it illustrates yet again that Twitter can be a great way to discover comedic talent.

 The President of Meetinghouse, Jason Cilo, works with a big range of comedians and is always looking for fresh voices. He started following a twisted and dark – and clever – Twitter feed about one man’s journey with psychotherapy, “Fuck a Therapist,” and figured that the neurotic Tweets had to be written by a top comic hiding behind anonymity.   Jason tracked the writer down and found, to his surprise, that that he was an undiscovered talent named Seven Davis, Jr.

Now, watch the video...


Bar Refaeli's Sex Tape Kickstarter - This is hilarious and well made. I contributed a part of my children's college fund as I think it will be a good investment in my personal sexual future. Checkout the KickStarter page Bar Refaeli announces her new Kickstarter campaign to watch and possibly even be in her sex tape, that is if she can get enough backers who might be interested in that sort of thing.
PickUp Line Roulette - What pick up lines have you used that actually worked?

This is a pretty cool video where gals and guys actually go out and try to pick up someone using using a cliche pick up line. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't Which lines do you think had the most success?

Do you want to come to my house and we can watch videos at Internet Video Magazine together? Nah, that wasn't one of them...

mpic Ticket Scalper
This is great! 

The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams

Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the Godfather of scalping tickets for the grandest event of them all....The 2012 London Olympics.

Written & directed by Nick Coriorossi

Final Armageddon Dot Com

Are you obsessed with the end of the world? Do you know a survivalist? What if global warming is a lot worse than predicted and the world is going to flood? Check out this very well made - with exceptional set design - short video about the end of the world. It is a bit funny - in a British sort of way.

Written and Directed by Rob Spence

Featuring: Drew Horsley, Tamsin Fessey, Isabel Sorby, Finn Armstrong and (baby) Roma Burridge.




Republicans, Get in my Vagina!

This is hilarious and extremely well written. There are some great lines! How about the right to not make a choice?

Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage "spread" the message that the one thing women really want in their vagina is the government

How fashionable are you? Are you still into jeggings, pre-ripped jeans and clothes that look like shit? Check out this video!  The Jeggings Gang Gets Pre-Torn Jeans - They’ve got that casual “don’t care, don’t live in a house” look.

Fashion can be painful if not disgusting




Gay Rights versus Chickens?

Our old pal, Colonel Sanders is back with a message for Chick-Fil-A and chicken lovers that is totally honest and not at all panderous.

Fried Chicken for Gays....Watch KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman - hey, they are open on Sunday!

Gays with John Goodman
Is it true that every 3D Movie is the Same? According to Funnyordie, every 3D movie you see this summer will look like all the others!

You pay $20 a ticket or more to get stuff thrown at you!

Watch this funny video!

What ever happened to smellovision?

Make your own 3D Movie

Evry 3D Movie is the Same

Trust - An Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival

This is quite cute. How do you flirt???

We flirt with our bodies and faces. TRUST creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans. A creative man courts a woman with long hair. Would you do the same in this situation?

What would you do to get votes?

An Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman (explicit)

What did Sarah offer to do to billionaire Sheldon Adelson for $100 million dollars? The 100 million dollar lap dance?

Checkout the "The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks" - a webby nominated original short web video series. You can't watch it on TV - just online. Well made, poignant and funny.

Episode 1 The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks: I Pulled A Polanski

Season 1, Episode 1

After mistakenly sleeping with a 17-year old girl, Arthur struggles to keep the affair hidden from his girlfriend. He is also in production on his most ambitious play.

Starring Adam Goldberg and featuring Jeffrey Tambor

This is really funny. Dedicated to you country music fans..

Lou-Anne Judd Underbrooks (The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch) takes the wheel from Jesus in her unplugged country music video

Patronizin' You


Hip couple decides what porn they want to watch together. They are very discerning experts. "Relationships are all about compromise, honesty and access to PornHub."


This is pretty good - with some great porn titles tossed about

Is Tony Clifton back from the Dead? Check out Tony getting down with Skrillex

Tony Clifton Gets Down To Skrillex At The Hangout Music Festival 2012 from Tony Clifton on Vimeo.


Sister Trade In - Here is a new episode of "Free Advice: The Series", a collection of fictional shorts inspired by Paul and Emmett Loverde's experiences hosting the Free Advice table on Santa Monica Beach since 2010. In this episode "Sister Trade-In" young Steve wants to know his options for replacing his little sister Cindy with a better one. It's not a reality show! But it's kind of based on reality.
Guys, how often do you think about sex?

Every seven seconds or so? Check out this funny video that tries to explain the difference between men and women...

Every 7 Seconds

Do you have this? You may have thought you were protected online. It is contagious and can severely impact your life. If you use Facebook, you may well have caught a serious case of Timeline.

Timeline - the video

This a very well produced and hysterically funny video about the dangers of Timeline.

Like it, Share it, it is contagious.

Michelle Bachmann's Migraines

The latest from Michelle Bachman and her wieners fetish

Michele Bachmann has migraines but her husband Marcus has all of the best cures for migraines.

Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract
  Big Head. Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.

Get the inside scoop - "Crazy, Stupid Love"

Best VIRAL VIDEO of the Week

AdAge Digital Viral Video Chart - Mustafa-vs.-Fabio Duel Bounces Old Spice to Top of Viral Chart.

It's #TeamMustafa Against #TeamFabio for the Man Your Man Should Smell Like

The new/old Old Spice guy is spicing things up all right -- the deodorant's newest campaign drove straight in at No. 1 with 3.5 million views.

Harold & Kumar's Yuletide Jamz  

Join Harold & Kumar as they sing all of your favorite holiday classics... and some songs they just made up while they were high.

These is pretty funny....Makes you want to see the movie..



  The grittiest, sexiest, scariest reboot of this Fall stars the cast of MTV's Teen Wolf (Dylan O'Brien, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin & Holland Roden).


The Scent of Snooki - Snooki perfume. It's a real product.

Do you want the snooki aroma?

This is really goofy. Do you waste too many hours of your day playing Angry Bids? Check out this odd little interactive animation called - appropriately enough - "Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds"
Are you creative? Do you know your way around a video camera and editing? You can do a great little video like this without spending a lot of money. Its all about acting chops, good writing and nice direction! Being a bit trashy and foul mouthed doesn't hurt! Yes, he has a team but you could do this....

Check it out - Nerd Gets the Girl at YouTube

Have you ever texted the wrong message? Has your phone's auto correct messed you up?

Checkout "Auto Correct Love Song" Great idea, nice production

Its funny and so true....

Michelle Bachmann's Migraines

The latest from Michelle Bachman and her wieners fetish

Michele Bachmann has migraines but her husband Marcus has all of the best cures for migraines.

KarmaTube Video of the Week - Becoming Someone

" you're looking for answers but you're not entirely sure about the questions. But you know you have to become someone. A SOMEONE." That's how this short, whimsical film opens. With fabulous music by Stephane Wrembel and creative out-takes from book stores (including a cameo by the filmmaker's dog!), this is a journey about becoming someone, no one, and paying attention.

Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract
  Big Head. Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.

Get the inside scoop - "Crazy, Stupid Love"

Best VIRAL VIDEO of the Week

AdAge Digital Viral Video Chart - Mustafa-vs.-Fabio Duel Bounces Old Spice to Top of Viral Chart.

It's #TeamMustafa Against #TeamFabio for the Man Your Man Should Smell Like

The new/old Old Spice guy is spicing things up all right -- the deodorant's newest campaign drove straight in at No. 1 with 3.5 million views.

Are you sick of those overly cute romantic movies with girls who are just a bit too odd and quirky? Check out "Quirky Girl"
A man (Aaron Paul) meets an incredibly beautiful new girl (Teresa Palmer) in his building and she's so quirky that it's hard to see any problems with her at all. This is the indie film of the year for quirky girls. PS - not for the easily nauseated...
This is brilliant, funny and very sexy. Ruff

Jordana Brewster's Hot Dog Water - If you like the Big City, you want to smell like it -

Jordana Brewster is here to introduce you to her new scent, "Hot Dog Water". For when you want to be treated as a professional and smell like the city.
Thank an Engineer: Remote Controls - Thank an Engineer: Fun video that spoofs what the world would be like without remote controls. Texas Instruments sends a shout out to today's engineers, thanking them for their ingenuity and passion.

watch video

This is really cool. Simple in concept, amazing in execution. Bottles - hosted at Vimeo

My Anime Girlfriend: Episode 1 - Blind Date

My Anime Girlfriend: Episode 1 - Blind Date -  Sid has always been unlucky in love, but could his new girlfriend Yuruki finally be the one? She's cute, fun, and extremely animated. If anything, maybe too animated.

From a writer & Executive Producer of Comedy Central's hit show Ugly Americans, and featuring Patrick Shepherd, John Gemberling, and the voice of SNL's Abby Elliott.
Are you sexting? Sharing shots of your special spots with your lover? Check out this very cool and nicely done Internet music video featuring Cassandra Kubinski doing Textual Healing (yes it is a takeoff on "Sexual Healing" but updated for today's nastier tech savvy girl....

Directed/produced by ROAM Pictures, Music production: Kalehoff Productions New lyric: Cassandra Kubinski

Best Viral Videos of the Week - What was everyone watching online? Check it out here -  Ad Age Viral Video Chart

Check out MOTHS - this fun minute-long spot promoting 'Earth Hour 2011'  made a surprise appearance on the Viral Video Chart at No. 8.


Best Viral Original selected by Comedy Awards Show - BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (now on iTunes)

After Antoine Dodson, a young hero from Huntsville, AL, saves his sister from an attack, he sings an important message both to his community and to the attacker himself.

Why do they call making out getting to base? First base, second base - third base?

Sexual Bases - This is wonderfully and amazingly crass fake baseball biopic. If you like playing with your balls, you will enjoy getting to third base with Roscoe.

Ke$ha: The Story of the $
  Ke$ha wasn't always Ke$ha. A long time ago before all her fame and stardom she was just a precocious kid named Kesha if you can believe it.

Its the inside story of the hot sex queen of rock and roll


Keep It in Your Pants Music Video - Guys- keep that boner (stiffie, woody, etc) in your pants... Extremely well produced, shot and choreographed music video about know. Don't flash that junk

Keep Your Boner In Your Pants, Please. Song available on iTunes. (featuring Taryn Southern, Larry Miller, and DJ Lubel)


Who comes up with all the cool dances that sweep across the world ? Where did that Macarana come from anyway?

Do you know the Gooch?

Summer of Music: The Gooch It's the new dance craze that's creeping the nation

Honest Four Loko Commercial

12% alcohol, 100% awful. This is brilliantly funny and sort of true. Thinking of sucking down a Four Loko? Watch this video first!

  Four Loko alcoholic energy drink faces more criticism
  Hate Weird Facebook Guys (Eminem Parody)

Love the way you post? She doesn't.

This is really good - funny and slickly produced. Nice Facebook and video effects


Things being destroyed very slowly

Things being destroyed very slowly - Tempus 2 by Philip Heron


Anatomically Correct Slow Jam - Let's get sensually specific tonight, baby. If you didn't know how to make love, this video will show you everything you need to know. Maybe a bit too much information....

  Full Benefits - things are not as they appear to be? What secrets do you have in bed?
How I Met Your Mother: The beer ad they wouldn't let you see on TV
Starring Will Forte.

Beer will never taste the same again....

Tattoos, Art and Sex - where do they overlap

Interactive Lower Back Tattoos
As part of our continuing "Artist in Profile" series, we talk to Kat Von D about her newest type of tattoos that are interactive as well as part of the sexual experience.

This is a great little film - very dry. You might want to watch it a couple of times.

Are you worried about home security? Can't sleep - worried about intruders?

Check out Eyehole Paintings with Adam West
Adam West introduces you to his famous eyehole paintings which are now

This is brilliant - Mad Men Jump the Shark parody.

Read all about how they made it at AdAge

Biosecurity for Birds Video - This is so hokey that it is hilarious. This is the APHIS Channel

Backyard poultry raising is a very popular "hobby". People all over the country, from urban to suburban as well as agri communities, are buying and breeding chickens and roosters and "getting back to nature" with having their own organic eggs for breakfast.

But the general public does not always know why and how to avoid health problems
in flocks of poultry.  So the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
of USDA has made a humorous video to get the word well as invite the
public at large to participate in a contest.

Your First  (1:02)

Yo, growing up is tricky... This is a great little parody of the Mastercard "Priceless" commercials. Written & Directed by Harlan Endelman.

Shot & Edited by Jake Futernick. Starring: Andrew Shea and Michelle Stratton.

This is just slightly sick. But funny.

The WIll To Survive - Megan McNeil is a teenager who wrote a song while battling the very aggressive cancer she still fights. The song's called "The Will To Survive" and it's been produced by Garth RIchardson (he's also produced Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback and Hedley). The song's great and very inspiring. The song's being sent to radio stations now for September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of the proceeds from the song will go towards childhood cancer causes
Wrangler Really Tiny Jean Shorts

If you like watching hunky guys running around in really tiny and tight jean shorts, you are gonna love this video.

Eva Mendes Sex Tape  (1:36)

The sex tape everyone has been waiting for with Eva Mendes is finally here and you won't believe what kinds of positions she gets into.

"Its dirty, its nasty, its flexible"

You have cancer ... or maybe an STD. Either way you are gonna die. This video is hilarious. From CollegeHumor.

Doctor Web MD - You'll never go online for medical advice again.

Will Ferrell's NYPD Recruitment Video  

Allen Gamble, who is played by Will Ferrell in The Other Guys, attempts to recruit able-bodied men and women to join the New York Police Department in this never before seen NYPD recruitment video.

"Stay Hydrated" Commercial - This is funny. And short. Great commercial parody. Drink up.

Winner of the - Funny Commercial Contest!


BP Spills Coffee - This is what happens when BP spills coffee.

 This is one of the most popular viral videos over the last few weeks.

This is brilliant! The best fake film parody ever!

Dana Carvey is "DARWIN"

DARWIN: First came action-packed Sherlock Holmes now comes action-packed Darwin. From Dana Carvey & Spike Feresten's new show 'Spoof.'

  Red Bull Energy Douche! Ever have that not so fresh feeling and need a little energy boost on the side? Mandy Moore has just the product for you.
Hot for Teachers w/ Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green  

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green speak out about the budget cuts affecting teachers and kids in California. Not only is this political, but it is funny!


  • Watch out kids, its the Anti-Drug Dog. I got to get one of these for my teenagers. Man's best friend, teenager's worst enemy. Very funny and effective.
    Do you have boobs on the brain? Need to get ahead in business? Forehead Tittaes w/ Marion Cotillard Oscar winner Marion Cotillard introduces a new product to help women be taken more seriously in the workplace.
    Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Flags of The World -

    this is a sort of laid back video that definitely grows on you. Its not the typical "in your face" humor you would expect from SNL.

    Sue 'Em Now Featuring Bob Odenkirk (1:31) In legal trouble? Lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) can help you get out of a legal mess! Watch his other consultation videos at

    All-Prizes Cereal
    Why eat... when you can play!? This is great. Just what kids really want!
    15yr old HAS S3X WITH OVER 800 PEOPLE! - Maurly Show

    This is a great fake teaser for the Maurly Show. This may be the trashiest talk show ever! Definitely not safe for work but very funny!

    Don't go on Spring Break until you finish your final project.

    Internet Distractions
    It's like "Night at the Museum" for A.D.D. students.

    This is very well made. Have you ever been distracted by the net? There's just too much stuff

    Valentine's Day Handjob! Nothing says "I like you" like a Valentine's Day Handjob! Get Two Handjobs for under $5

    Written & Directed by Matt Thiesen and David Stanbra
    Shot by Jonathon Narducci
    Starring John Weselcouch, Irena Murphy & Milan Christopher
    Produced by Matt Thiesen, David Stanbra and Keri Picolla
    Original Music by Austin Meredith
    Edited by Matt Thiesen


    Have you ever thought this? 'Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me'

    Here's a cute animated animated music video by Bernard Derriman. Presented by Madman, the cartoon is cute and catchy with a naughty bit or two. The music is by Australia's TISM (This Is Serious Mum)

    Quicktime Broadband - Narrowband

    Windows Media Broadband - Narrowband

    The Breakup Film - this is a great parody of classic black & white educational - self help movies. Its all about displacement. How to get over your first love.
    Google SuperBowl Ad Parody WeAreAthletesAsWell Watch this HD version of the Banned Google Super Bowl XLIV Commercial Ad Parody Spoof of the Parisian Love spot. If every search is a story, this one has fast cars, hookers, police, and more! :)
    Below are three great (and somewhat political) fake commercials from UCB - the Upright Citizen’s Brigade’s video division
    John Mayer sings about his racist jokes

    John Mayer is so talented that he has the right to be racist.
    "Waiting for My Words to Change"
    Lyrics by John Mayer and Matt Besser

    Google: Parisian Oops

    Romance, consequences, awkwardness. Search on.

    Directed by Nathan Russell, Written by Zack Phillips, Edited by Matt Mayer, Produced by Mackenzie Condon

    Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad - THIS IS GREAT!

    The touching story of Tim and Pam Tebow.

    Written by Sean Clements.
    Directed and edited by Antonio Scarlata
    Starring Michael Cassady and Jill Donnelly

    Romeo & Juliet Rewritten

    JibJab & Brangelina give this classic Shakespearean tragedy a makeover just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    Click here to watch  this video »

    LOL by  Will Carlough is really goofy and targeted to you email/texting nerds. LOL 2 u 2

    Our favorite three letters get a green-screen hip-hop music video tribute.

    This is hilarious. Lady Gaga's Christmas Album - check out this fake commercial pushing a Christmas song collection from Lady Gaga! Share this sucker! From LandlineTV. Lady Gaga gets in the holiday spirit with this compilation of soon to be classics such as Bad Snowmans and Ho-ho-Hoker Face .

    Featuring: Justin Brown, Talyor Sele, Andrew Ford, Rachel Geiman, Mike Antonucci and Grace Helbig. Written and directed by Daniel Spenser, Steven Levine and Michael Antonucci. Lyrics sung by Whitney Gardner
    Lady Gaga's Christmas Album
    We don't usually spotlight commercials but these CareerBuilder spots are really funny. Especially if you are at work and are being driven crazy by your co-workers. "Casual Friday" was featured during the Super Bowl game Another Language

    Job Fairy

    Big Game Commercial: Casual Friday

      Worst Seat

    Attack of the Killer Rubber Ducky

    This is a trailer of a funny short film created by a film student at Los Angeles City College. Almost every film student, at one time or another, does a parody of shower scene from Psycho. I did mine with Toasters.