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28.06.2014 15:29

Surf through the air on a Flyboard

This is a great looking internet video commercial for a really really cool product. The surfboard Hoverboard you have only dreamed about is real. Gravity-defying Hoverboard floats through the air and looks so surreal. The Hoverboard contraption trails behind a boat and gains propulsion above the water.

14.06.2014 14:43

Visit Costa Rica - Travel Video

Costa Rica: A Little Piece of Paradise

14.06.2014 11:17

Ten Terrifying Parasites

Are you about to go on a trip to a foreign country? Visit the jungle? Go to a third world locale? Or maybe you are just a little too preoccupied about what you could get? A bit squeamish?

27.09.2013 15:21

Oktoberfest 2013 - Outside the Beer Tents

Want to visit Munich's Oktoberfest? Check out this fun video from Chris Raney