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09.03.2018 19:56

Dance Like No One is Watching

There are no weekend box office charts for online videos. But if there were, at the top of nearly every list right now might well be a four-and-a-half-minute video called "Dancing." In just a month since its online release, it has been viewed by more than ten million people. After 14 months of traveling in 42 countries, it's the story of a guy named Matt doing the gratitude dance with a cast of thousands around the globe ... from the streets of Mumbai to a rock formation in Ireland to a tulip field in Netherlands!

08.03.2017 19:45

Watch "Don't Pull Away" by J. Views

J Views' "Don't Pull Away" is remarkably seductive. That's no wonder: Mike Milosh, who's astonishing voice was at the heart of the sensual band Rhye, contributes both that and songwriting, alongside Gotye and J.Views. It's easy to understand why this billowing, floating piece has drawn over five million listens on Spotify...

20.05.2016 15:48

Who are you gonna call ? Great funny internet video about bad infestations

Who are you gonna call ? Great funny internet video about bad infestations. What are you going to do when you have a houseful of unwelcome pests? From Nocturnal Emissions

21.10.2015 15:59

Weird scary music video - what the heck is this

Hybrid Moments By The Misfits Performed By Swamp Hedons. This is really bizarre!

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Do some of today's top hits sometimes mystify you? What the heck are they saying? What does it mean?

In this video, Funny or Die tries to make it easier for you to get it.

Patton Oswalt explains "The Magic Clap" by The Coup from the new album 'Sorry To Bother You,' out now

Patton Oswalt In The Coup's "The Magic Clap" from The Coup


Coachella Bootcamp  from TheSpringBreakers, Parker Seaman, Brian Huskey, Nick Fink, Devin Das, Evan Scott, James Henchy, Jacob Grodnik, and Funny Or Die Coachella Bootcamp Video This is brilliant! Are you ready for the Coachella Music Festival? Four boys prepare for the greatest weekend of their lives - Coachella. Drugs, music, drugs, sex, dancing and more drugs... Watch this... (Why are you watching web video when you could be dancing with tens of thousands of half naked, drugged out music lovers burning their flesh off in the desert?

Young Man's Great Adventure by Elmer Lang

This rocks. The story about the very beginning of Elmer's adventure that led from college to the oilfields to Europe. A bit hard to call it rap, more like yap, with sung choruses.

Elmer says, "The Elmer Lang Band...well, band, hmm, we rehearsed a couple times and they graciously recorded my songs. A huge thanks to Billy Cote playing stupendous guitar, and that fab rhythm section of Ray Sage, drums, and Pat Howe, bass."


VEVO's Top Music Videos of the Year -2012

Surprise -  it was not Gangnam Style by Psy. That would have been scary...

The most viewed video - according to Vevo - "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson! OK, that is pretty scary as well!

Here they are - the top music videos of 2012
Are you going to see "The Hobbit" movie? Do you think "One Direction" is the best boy group ever?

Put them together, and you get this hilarious Hobbit - One Ring (One Direction) parody music video.

This is very well produced and quite funny -

  I'm Not awake - Katy Perry Parody

This might be the best Katy Perry parody video ever ( except of course for her own music videos, snark, snark, snark).

Check it out. I'm Not Awake is extremely well produced, funny and even includes the parody words embedded in the video for those who can't make out the funny lyrics the first time around!

Watch it! Dance and laugh!

  I'm Not Awake - Katy Perry parody video
  Watch the new music video from Linkin Park -  Check out the new music video from Linkin Park -

Linkin Park - CASTLE OF GLASS (featured in Medal of Honor Warfighter)

"CASTLE OF GLASS" featured in the upcoming EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The game is Inspired by actual events across the globe and written by Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, follow the global Warfighters as they are asked to take on a real terror threat, PETN.


Whiskey Shivers - Gimme All Your Lovin'

This is f'ing amazing! So how do they do that?. Watch the entire music video so you don't miss the very interesting finale!

  "High as F#%k" music Video - Comedy. Music Video by Jon Lajoie.

This is pretty darn entertaining....


Check out the new video from Rebecca Black - "My Moment"

Is this new Rebecca Black music video any better or is she still not even a one hit wonder?

Where is Justin Beaver when we need him?

here is a link to the original "Friday" video


This is very cool and interesting. "Gariac - Edwood Turned Ten" is a powerpop, new, fresh and fun video...

I don't know what this video is really all about but it is very hot, verrrry sexy and extremely engaging. Great editing and imagery. I guess there is a statement somewhere but heck, who really cares....

It has been a tough week and you need some joy in your life. Forget the bad economic news...ignore the miserable weather. Bring me Sunshine!

Check out this very cool, and happy, music video from the Jive Aces - Bring Me Sunshine

The single will be released May 2nd. Watch the The Jive Aces new music video for the Morecambe and Wise classic "Bring Me Sunshine" from their forthcoming album "King of the Swingers". True ukulele power!


Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Video)

by muse

Special Spotlight on Classic Music Video - Watch it Here


Are you sexting? Sharing shots of your special spots with your lover? Check out this very cool and nicely done Internet music video featuring Cassandra Kubinski doing Textual Healing (yes it is a takeoff on "Sexual Healing" but updated for today's nastier tech savvy girl....

Directed/produced by ROAM Pictures, Music production: Kalehoff Productions New lyric: Cassandra Kubinski

We like helping to launch new talent.

Capital Artists are launching Tatiana internationally leading with the release of the video to her new single 'Spider web'.  Spider web will be released via itunes on April 18, 2011. Produced by Denis Ingoldsby (N Dubz, Girls Aloud, Eternal) and Andy Murray (Gary Barlow, Craig David, Alicia Keys) at Granary Studio in Kent, United Kingdom. 

The Blaxploitation music video for the Liberators new single: 'Rags to Riches'.

It's a movie trailer within a music video: Introducing Leeroy, the most bad-ass brother to ever wear the badge. He's got a black belt in justice and a license in ass-whooping. He's so bad he makes Shaft look white! If you're a fan of blaxploitation films, 70's cinema, afrobeat, afrofunk, laughter, or world peace - check it out .

Produced by: Don't Look Back Pictures
Director: Ken Karpel   Producer: Andrew King

The Axis of Awesome: How to Write a Love Song from FOD Team, axisofawesome, Brad, and kirsten barrie The Axis of Awesome: How to Write a Love Song
The Axis of Awesome, Australia's Most Awesomest Musical Comedy Group, take you through how to write a love song.




New Music VIDEO: Britney Spears Hold It Against Me

Britney Spears has finally released the much anticipated video to her latest single Hold It Against Me.

Jonka is a low-fi, electro-pop duo from Brooklyn, NY, delivering fresh synthy beats and delicious vocal harmonies. 80’s pop and hip-hop, soulful and uplifting lyrical content, create a nostalgic yet modern sound. Jonka’s debut album “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” was released in late 2009. The much anticipated follow-up; “Pinks and Blues” will be released in early 2011.
Check out Jonka's latest music video to the tune "Think About It." Filmed in and around Brooklyn, the video is a fun visual splendor. Thousands of photographs were taken and pieced together along with video to create this unique music video experience. Check it out here!
Who needs instruments when you have iPhones?

In October 2010, little-known New York City band, Atomic Tom, had their instruments stolen. But a little bit of bad luck wasn't going to stop these musicians from doing what they love.

Riding over the Manhattan Bridge on the B train, the band gave an impromptu performance of "Take Me Out"...using four iPhones to simulate the drums, guitars, and piano they had recently lost.


Summer of Music: The Gooch Who comes up with all the cool dances that sweep across the world ? Where did that Macarana come from anyway?

Do you know the Gooch?

Summer of Music: The Gooch It's the new dance craze that's creeping the nation

Keep It in Your Pants Music Video - Guys- keep that boner (stiffie, woody, etc) in your pants... Extremely well produced, shot and choreographed music video about know. Don't flash that junk
Keep Your Boner In Your Pants, Please. Song available on iTunes. (featuring Taryn Southern, Larry Miller, and DJ Lubel)
Hate Weird Facebook Guys (Eminem Parody)

Love the way you post? She doesn't.

This is really good - funny and slickly produced. Nice Facebook and video effects


Willow - Whip My Hair  - Music video by Willow performing Whip My Hair. The teaser video for this song got more than 1.2 million YouTube hits.   Is this a cool video or is Will Smith's daughter gonna get a lot of fan club imitators whiplash injuries? My head hurts just watching it...

The Satin Dollz in "Whatever Lola Wants"

by Dan Blank - This is really cool - fake retro with wonderful effects!
Music video for the vintage dance troupe, The Satin Dollz (with special appearances by The Jive Aces). Directed by Dan Blank, produced by Dan Blank & Allison Lizzi.​channels/​satindollz

Filmed in Hollywoodland, California in glorious 7-D. Produced for less than $2000 on a DSLR. Check out the "Making of" at​13774835


Former Depeche Mode Member Launches  iPhone App Containing Ongoing, Updated Content


Alan Wilder – formerly of Depeche Mode - has announced details of his new Recoil tour. Available now, the Recoil iPhone app allows fans to track Alan’s activities. Follower’s can post their thoughts and musings while Alan is on the road and in the studio. While the app provides a hub for Recoil’s social networking, it also offers access to photos, videos, audio as well as insight to Wilder’s personal thoughts behind each of his albums.


Check out the Recoil YouTube Channel - Recoil news, tour updates, interviews, music and video read the press release

Check out this new music video from Reaching Away - Push Away the Moon.  Directed by D. Vim Crony. This was submitted by one of our Internet Video Magazine members...Nice song, good looking video that will make you think.

REACHING AWAY features Roger King on guitar and vocals, Kurt King on guitar, Bill Mcreary on bass, and Nick Castro on drums. Roger, Kurt and Bill were previously in the early 90’s influenced emo rock band, THE PINE. REACHING AWAY started in the summer of 09’ after THE PINE had a 5 year hiatus. Bill continued on with other bands including LOSER LIFE, while Kurt moved to Fresno and Roger took on film making. The strike is over, the boys are back together, and the result is REACHING AWAY.

  Here is our favorite trashy rock star - Music video by Ke$ha performing Take It Off. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment


Great production video and too much auto-tune.


I Am Afraid (Eminem Parody)

This is really good. Won't the real Slim Shady please calm down?

  Here is the real "Not Afraid"

music video from Eminem

 Check out this cool new music video Rebel Hero - by the Australian band New Nobility - submitted by one of our Internet Video Magazine members -

rebel-hero / made in germany /

The WIll To Survive - Megan McNeil is a teenager who wrote a song while battling the very aggressive cancer she still fights. The song's called "The Will To Survive" and it's been produced by Garth RIchardson (he's also produced Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback and Hedley).

The song is also available on both iTunes - and Amazon - The song's great and very inspiring. The song's being sent to radio stations now for September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of the proceeds from the song will go towards childhood cancer causes

Check out this girl. Leah Drost  She can really belt out a song.
This isn't your run-of-the-mill music video. Captivating and breathtaking imagery is set to the soulful music of Stomacher's song "Untitled/Divider". Shot with an anamorphic 35mm lens and including over 20,000 pictures from locations around the world, this video takes you on an enchanting journey through image and sound. Take a moment out of your day to stop, sit back, and drink it all in.

Have you been checking out all the  Single California Gurls Parody videos on the web?

There are too many.

CollegeHumor collected a bunch of them and cut them into one video. Pretty good.

Run This Raid (Run This Town Parody)
H to the Izzeroth. This is sorta funny, brilliant and very well produced. High production values.

Watch the official video from Jay-Z - Run This Town - featuring Rihanna & Kanye West -

Mini Rocky IV  (2:46)

When Mini meets Porsche, only the strongest will survive!

This is a great little music video - car commercial for mini cooper. I don't really see how its gonna sell anything but we love it. Its sort of funny.

Mini Rocky IV from MINI USA
Music video by Wang Chung performing Everybody Have Fun Tonight. (C) 1986 Geffen Records


Wang Chung are Back. Wang Chung Music Videos Page

Read the new press release

We saw them in San Diego, Great show. Stay tuned for the new stuff - including a new video

We love it - sweet and sexy!

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg "California Gurls" Official Music Video HD

Directed by Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory.

"Coasting Kids" by Alice Cohen. This is a very cool stop motion animated music video for the song "kids" by the band coasting, from their new 7inch vinyl record on M'Lady's Records.

watch and listen

You Became A Meme

Once you've gone viral, your life will never be the same. This is a great little rocking music video. And it is funny

Give Love - MC Yogi
Just like The Beatles, MC Yogi wants to remind you that "The love you take is equal to the love you make". So what's stopping you? If you want love, give love away. Or even better -- give love away because it's just plain awesome.

Christina Aguilera 'Not Myself Tonight'

This provocative new video will make your jaw drop.

Bondage and vinyl is now tres chic.

Hot sex, lesbian sex, group sex, naked sex - what is exactly is she targeting here?

KE$HA TIK TOK Parody: Glitter Puke - Key of Awe$ome #13

Ke$ha Soundcheck - If you love Ke$ha, you like this!

Ke$ha meets her biggest fan after preparing for a big concert. It is amazing how well prepared she can be. Also, she lets it slip re her next big hit - pukegasm


Sing Talk (Tik Tok Parody)

Tho$e who can't $ing, talk

With enough audio mixing magic, filters, sexy outfits and wonderful fast video editing, anyone can be rock star. (At least for a few months...)


Sheraff - Fish & Chips - we still have not been able to figure this music video out. Its fun and crazy though... Those crazy French... Bearded babies riding motorcycles
EXPCLICIT Full Length MIA Video for Born Free
MIA's Born Free video - This is pretty outrageous and not easy to watch. Probably Not Safe for your typical workplace environment.  Vent your politics

 EXPLICIT Full Length MIA Music Video for Born Free  MIA is known for controversy and this video is no exception.