How to Land Your First Video Production Job Today

By: Mark

I worked in the Video and Film industry for nealry 20 years before becoming a Journalist covering the technology that makes video and video streaming possible. I went to film school at SDSU and got my degree in TV Production & Directing.

I never got asked if I had a degree. – it was all about what you know how to do and who you know.

However, film – TV school can be very helpful for your career in the industry. You get to meet like minded people with whom you can work with and can help get you gigs. My professors got me introductions and jobs with some of their industry friends and contacts. Also, you get to use video & film equipment for free and practice your chops at producing, writing, directing, sound, editing, etc. Even lugging and wrapping cable is a very useful skill.

To be a success in the video/film industry, you got to have real, practical skills.

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The video production space is a fun industry. You get to meet, experience and network with different people, create unique work, use cool equipment, and be in control of the product you’re creating; seeing it come to fruition.

Combine that with video production’s flashy aura; it’s a very appealing career path. But it’s not always the easiest to land your first video production job. Because of the enticing industry, there are hordes of people looking for careers at video production companies.

10 Tips to Get a Job With a Video Production Company

1. Audit Your Current Situation

2. Create Video Content for the Job You Want

3.Market Yourself on Social Platforms

4.Email Owners/Hiring Managers of Video Production Companies

5. Listen to Feedback, Improve, Follow Up

6. Apply for Internship Programs

7. Become a Freelance Videographer

8. Network on a Daily Basis

9. Have a Go-getter/Positive Attitude

10. Find and Follow Mentors

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