Thoughts & Prayers – It is not enough

By: Mark

Check out this very well made short video re how many Americans deal with gun violence Thoughts & Prayers at

“Thoughts and Prayers” is the debut video by Mothers for Democracy. It points out the hypocrisy of people who say “thoughts and prayers” while going on with their lives as if nothing has happened. They would rather stand around and say “thoughts and prayers” instead of saving children’s lives.

Thoughts and Prayers remind us that without “action” we will never address the biggest issue of our time. The number one killer of children is not drowning, cancer, or car wrecks. It is guns. And we have waited years for politicians and leaders to do something.

American Mothers and Others are tired of the lack of action on behalf of what most Americans want regarding gun reform. We joined other survivor organizations to do something about it. Our families but especially our children do not have to live this way. It is time to act! So join our organizations in stepping up and saying “We Demand Gun Reform NOW!”