What was the secret behind the China Spy Balloon that our governments didn’t want us to know?

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What was the secret behind the China Spy Balloon that our government didn’t want us to know?

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Lets talk about the Chinese Spy Balloon. The inside scoop you won’t get anywhere else! We have the secret, classified footage that nobody else has!

Yes, according to NASA and Air Force tracking data, this spy balloon came from China. It crossed the Pacific, went north into Alaska, south into Canada and then entered US air space. Itfloated east to where it was finally shot down off the coast of South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach

Along the way, numerous proud American patriots tried to shoot it down themselves. Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky, said that if it crosses over my state, I will shoot it down myself

Elon Musk offered to fly one of his rockets over it and trap it with a giant net

• Finally, on Saturday, The Air Force Shot Down the Spy Balloon

• The top secret Chinese cloaking technology was destroyed, revealing what the balloon really looked like. Here is the wreckage after it was dragged ashore by the US military.

Before the masking camouflage tech was activated, Here is the top secret footage of the balloon being released in China.

President Biden says Mission Complete!

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