How to Get People to Watch Your Videos on YouTube – YouTube SEO Tips

By: Mark


Have you or your business spent a lot of money and time creating cool looking videos, posting them on your or your company’s personal Video Channel, and then wondering how come nobody is visiting or watching your videos.

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube – this means there is a lot of competition.

So how do you get your videos to stand out?

Not only does your video have to be good and interesting, it needs to have good SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

So how do you do this?

Check out this great article at Hubspot – You Tube SEO Tips!

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Here is the essence of what the in-depth article covers.

  1. Rename your video file using a target keyword.
  2. Insert your keyword naturally in the video title.
  3. Optimize your video description.
  4. Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic.
  5. Categorize your video.
  6. Upload a custom thumbnail image for your video’s result link.
  7. Use an SRT File to add subtitles & closed captions.
  8. Add Cards and End Screens to increase your YouTube channel’s viewership.
  9. Add hashtags to increase reach.
  10. Create a playlist about your video’s general topic.
  11. Experiment with video length.
  12. Use YouTube’s autocomplete feature.
  13. Try timestamps.
  14. Add a call-to-action (CTA) in your video and video description.
  15. Review YouTube search analytics.
  16. Optional: Leave a pinned comment on your own video.

You can find a lot more details and tips on how to improve your YouTube Video Channel here