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10/27/14 4:14 pm

Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption

Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption; Firtiva is a Silicon Valley startup with a patented system for broadcasting content of any kind without commercial interruption.

10/25/14 4:53 pm

Canon announces new professional camcorder

Designed for economical film and video productions such as documentary and remote broadcast crews, wedding and event coverage, indie film productions, as well as film schools and business and government users, the new EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera, features advanced image processing, AVCHD and MP4 1920×1080/60p recording, uncompressed YCbCr output from HDMI, and many other new and enhanced capabilities for improved picture quality, operability, and convenient handling.

10/22/14 2:19 pm

Where and when are we watching Internet Video

Check out this new report from Adobe regarding where and how we are watching Internet video. There are a few interesting surprises, especially if you are advertising using video. Internet video is a powerful way to reach audiences both for publishers and advertisers. You already know people are watching online video more than ever, but what are they watching? When are they watching it? What are consumers' preferred methods of watching?

10/21/14 5:03 pm

Bitmovin Launches BitDash video player

The bitdash players enable MPEG-DASH playback on any web browser using either HTML5 as well as Flash, depending on the browser and version, and even on mobile platforms using HTML5

10/21/14 1:47 pm

Pixability makes it easier to manage your YouTube advertising

The new Pixability v3TrueView optimization platform manages YouTube video Adword buys and promises to streamline YouTube campaign management, reduce risk, target with greater accuracy, and deliver better results with clear reporting.

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Internet Video of the Week

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10/27/14 4:06 pm

Watch scary Holloween moves for free

The Firtiva video-on-demand website is officially going live on Halloween. To celebrate, watch scary Halloween movies including Night of the Living Dead, Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. All for free.

10/24/14 1:39 pm

TurboCharge Your Toaster

What happens when you add a lot of power to a toaster? Can it toast faster or does it just blow up? Check out this great video and article from Electronic Products Magazine

10/15/14 10:17 am

Guys - How to Check Your Nuts

This is a great funny video for guys and how they should check their nuts to make sure they don't cancer. Best PSA ever?

10/10/14 1:59 pm

10 Great YouTube Videos For Entrepreneurs and Business People

Are you in business? Are you an entrepreneur? Check out this collection of ten outstanding and motivational videos that every entrepreneur needs to see. Collected by Inc. Magazine

10/09/14 4:45 pm

Watch this video - CoinGuard - protect your stuff

CoinGuard is a new Internet of Things solution for personal home security. Instead of trying to detect home intrusions like traditional security systems, CoinGuard is a small coin-sized wireless device. Sensitive to movement and vibration, it is simply placed on or with the valuables that it protects. If disturbed, it transmits a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone or other web connected device for immediate action. It is simple and easy to install.

10/01/14 3:50 pm

jeff Goldblum and his funny lightbulb smart home commercial

This is really freaky and kind of weird. And is a great example of a large corporate giant willing to pay big bucks to advertise their technology solution via what they hope will be a viral video. Check it out and share it if you must. Are you going to run our a buy smart bulbs and the Wink hub to control it?


New Internet Video and Video Production articles, reviews and columns

10/29/14 2:39 pm

Learn how to create corporate and business videos

Check out this new book from Stuart Sweetow. Go beyond the bland talking-head and PowerPoint slide-style of most corporate videos and learn how to land coveted corporate contracts with these comprehensive techniques from an industry veteran. Stuart Sweetow teaches you how to make imaginative corporate videos with eye-catching design, rhythmic editing tricks, and essential scriptwriting and interview techniques. Learn how to shoot on location or in a studio and how to work with employees-turned-actors. Also, discover how to get contracts and to produce online videos and podcasts for corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

10/29/14 12:55 pm

All about Video Site maps for online video

What is a Video Site Map and Why is it So Important to help promote your videos. What is a video sitemap? Whether you create your own sitemap, mRSS feed, or use a a third-party tool, the benefits are massive. Increased visibility in search results can only increase site visits and improve conversion rates. If you take the time to create compelling video content for your site, there is no reason not to take the steps to ensure search engines index it properly.

10/29/14 9:06 am

Top Ten Video and Film Production Tips

Countless books, schools, and even jobs claim to prepare aspiring filmmakers with the knowledge they need to see their movies through. And while many of those resources can prove immensely valuable, nearly all new filmmakers still fall victim to the same mistakes time and again.

10/28/14 8:46 pm

Inside Scoop on the new Canon XF205 Camcorder

Almost everything you need to know - product details, review, tutorial videos and a link to buy it. What more do you need?

10/25/14 1:39 pm

New Canon C100 Mark 11 Camcorder available for order

Canon announced the upcoming availability of their new pro camcorder for event videographers, documentarians, and independent filmmakers. Includes auto focus, dual SDHC and SDXC media card slots, HDMI output with time code, 2 XLR audio jacks, and built in 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi. Super 35mm 8.3MP CMOS Sensor

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